Winning With Windhaven Academy

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Choosing a childcare program for your child isn’t an easy decision. The emotional mental load can be taxing. New and seasoned parents alike face the same dilemma. Your child will be spending a large majority of their time at daycare. So a welcoming environment, caring and skilled teachers, opportunities to learn new skills, and other amenities are ALL important. Then to have the added pressure of our current state of living with COVID-19, it’s has taken the word “safety” to a whole new level.

Windhaven Academy is here to take that emotional mental load away with their exceptional child care program. They are all about catering to the needs and concerns of parents, as well as children, and their goal is to redefine your childcare experience from drop off to pickup.

Parent-Created, Parent-Owned

Owner and mom, Assia Mahmood of Windhaven Academy, gets it. As a mom, she and her husband faced the challenge of trying to find the best daycare for their daughter to attend a few years ago. They eventually found one but it wasn’t the experience she truly wanted. She decided to start Windhaven Academy in order to provide the experience she desired for her daughter.

Windhaven Academy is an independently, family-owned, licensed child care and preschool in West Plano, offering care for children 6 weeks–6 years old, as well as after-school and Summer programs for children up to 12 years old. They specialize in addressing the needs and concerns of working parents. Their recently upgraded, state-of-the-art facility and unique offerings are right on time to help ease the already-frazzled minds of many working parents.

Get the best of both worlds—Happy Child, Happy Parent!

This isn’t our mama’s world we are living in anymore! Gone are the days where daycares were just a place to drop off your kids from 9-5 and hope that they receive the basics. The world of childcare has shifted and rightly so. This generation’s children needs are so different and varied and childcare facilities need to offer the same.

Owner Assia’s top priority was to make sure that working parents felt like their concerns were not only understood and listened to, but also addressed. Day-to-day interaction with your child is so important while you are at work and their app enables you to see real-time pictures, videos, and updates throughout the day of how your child is doing.

As a working parent myself, I know all too well how crazy and hectic morning drop off can get. My focus is on getting everything and everyone out the door and there are many times that I forget to eat breakfast, let alone grab my coffee.

No need to stop at a drive-thru, because Windhaven provides daily coffee and breakfast for busy parents on the go, just one of the many ways that they value and support working parents.

Here are a few more of their offerings:
  • Organic, fresh food cooked on site
  • STEAM-integrated curriculum (FrogStreet); Spanish and sign language included
  • Valet drop off/pick up
  • Music, sports, and fitness classes
  • Low student-teacher ratios
  • Blog with parenting tips

Safety is Everything

Your mind will be at ease knowing that safety is a top priority at Windhaven, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sanitization procedures and strict adherence to the State of Texas health and safety procedures are held daily, in addition to camera monitoring of the building, background check requirement for all teachers and staff, biometric identification, and more.

Parenting is hard, y’all. Parenting in a pandemic is even harder. You want to make sure that while you are at work, your children are thriving in a safe environment while learning and having fun at the same time. You also want to know your concerns are being heard and addressed. Call them today to schedule a virtual tour or book directly through their website!

To learn more, visit Windhaven Academy’s website & social media channels!



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