Ten Ideas for Easter Basket Gifts

When I was a child, I always loved waking up on Easter Sunday to a basket filled with fun little surprises the Easter Bunny had left for me.

I have enjoyed carrying this tradition over to my children, but for some reason, I always struggle with what to put in the basket. It’s not a big gift-giving day like Christmas or birthdays are for us, but I still want to make it special and significant.

This year I started making a list as I thought of things that would be good Easter basket gifts and now I’m sharing that list with you!

Photo Credit: Lizzy Johnson Photography

Books & a Bookmark

Books are always a great gift in my opinion, and there are a ton of wonderful Spring and Easter specific books. This is also a good time to grab a children’s bible if you don’t already have one. Some of my favorites include Moo, Baa, La La La, The Beginner’s Bible, and Little Bunny Foo Foo.

You’ll need a bookmark to go with your new books! I have started reading chapter books with my 6-year-old and it’s become a sweet part of our nightly routine that we both look forward to. We have had fun making our own bookmarks, but for Easter, I’m also going to get him a nice bookmark that he can use for years to come.

Veggie Tales DVD

Larry & Bob teach meaningful lessons with faith-based values through hilarious storytelling, silly songs, and lovable characters. You can find these at Target or Amazon for around $5!

Bubbles & Chalk

Two fun and easy outdoor activities that every child loves! Keep it simple with a small box of sidewalk chalk and a simple container of bubbles, or use this opportunity to get a fun outdoor bubble machine or chalk with special effects like glitter or neon.

Markers & Crayons

With Spring comes rain, and you can’t always play outside with the bubbles and chalk! To make coloring time more fun, I like to give crayons in a funky shape or markers with a cool effect to add some variety to their regular art supplies.

Spring Pajamas

Kiddos just look so darn cute in a fresh set of pajamas! Grab them a comfortable pair in spring colors that will also keep them cool as our nights get warmer.


We don’t overdo it in this category since it seems like every Easter celebration comes loaded with sugar, but it’s hard to pass up the cute Easter candy designs! Whether it’s pastel jelly beans, peeps, or a chocolate bunny, this is an easy thing to throw in the Easter basket and is sure to get smiles from your little ones!

Sunglasses & Flip-Flops

Get ready for those hot and sunny days with a new pair of sunglasses and flip flops for your kiddos!

Springtime Toy

You can’t fit much in an Easter basket, but a butterfly net, bug kit, sprinkler toy, or kid-sized watering can are small toys that are sure to bring delight!


New placemats always make it easier to get your child to stay in their chair for mealtime, or at least keep them seated for a few minutes! We have loved the laminated ones that you use wipe-off crayons on. They are educational, fun, easily wipe clean, and can be used over and over!

Happy Easter to you and your little bunnies! I hope this list helps to add to their excitement that day!

Alice Robison
Alice and her husband, Sean, live in the town of Fairview with their two active and entertaining boys Mason (Dec 2010) and Harrison (Sept 2013), and their crazy puppy Isebel. She grew up in Collin County and recently made the decision to move back to the ‘burbs from Dallas to raise her family. Now a stay-at-home mom, she previously worked in marketing for a Big Four accounting firm. She spends her time taking her boys on adventures throughout the metroplex, volunteering for their schools and organizations, and hunting down the best fashion and home décor deals. Favorites include cooking with her husband during their date nights at home, just about any adult beverage, and checking out new restaurants with her girlfriends. Follow along with her adventures on ;Instagram.