Things I Tell Myself as I Adjust to this New Normal

With all the craziness and uncertainty going on right now in our nation, I must admit I am not wired to adjust to this new normal we are now in. I am a person who likes to live in a controlled environment, under my control. I get accustomed to my routine, my little bubble. This new norm is a lot for me, personally, to adjust to.

The pressure I feel daily is overwhelming in many ways. I, like many of us, are experiencing this fear of the unknown. I have to remind myself daily it is okay to not be okay right now. I wanted to share with you all some things that I have been thinking and feeling and daily reminders I have to repeat to myself internally or out loud daily.

Relax. Just breathe and relax. Control what you can; what you cannot control, try to give it to God. Self care is essential more so now than ever. Staying at home nearly 24/7 can get you feeling in a rut. So wake up with a purpose and shower. Even if we do not go anywhere; get up, shower, dress up, do your hair. At least this helps me.

Holding onto your faith, hope, and love right now is crucial. We have to keep the faith and have so much hope all this will be over soon and our lives can return to our normal again. Try and think about the big picture here. Not just in the moment. These times are uncertain but I remind myself: facts over fear. Be logical and rational. Do this for yourself and your children. They are watching you. Seeing how you are reacting and adjusting to this unprecedented situation. Behave and speak carefully.

A lot of us moms are feeling a lot of pressure to be this perfect, creative, Pinterest mom right now. Let that go. No one is perfect. Not even the moms you might see on social media. Do the best you are capable of doing. No one knows the perfect way to navigate this situation, just try your own personal best. None of us was ready for this new norm overnight. Just try and wing it and make it work. There is no perfect way to homeschool or to be right now. Just take care of yourself and your babies.

One thing I am grateful for right now is our family unit getting back to the basics. Make memories with your quarantined fam right now while you have this time. We have been given the gift of time right now. Time to not be in a rush. Focus on what is important and with who is truly important.

One thing this time has taught me is to be flexible. Every day brings new struggles and new obstacles. Just roll with it, in my opinion. Be patient with your loved ones, others, and yourself right now. We are all trying to survive this and work through a range of feelings day in, day out. Extend grace to you and to others now and always.

Usually time outs are for kids but remember that you, momma, deserve a time out, too. Take a walk around the block. Sit in the backyard. Take multiple solo trips to the mailbox (This is what I do). Make this a time to reflect on today, tomorrow, and the future. This can be a time for change. A change in the dynamic of the family and even personal change and growth.

It is okay to be annoyed by your children. I can assure you, they are annoyed with you, too. When else have we spent this much time with the same exact people except during a 5-7 day vacay? This is hard for us, but do not forget this is really hard for our children. They lost everything they knew overnight. No friends, no routine, no social activities, no going out and being carefree. Be there for them. Answer their questions, listen to them, their fears, their concerns. Reassure them. That is our job.

Through this crazy uncertain time try to adjust to this new normal. Find a routine. Find joy every day in something. Wake up with a purpose and a plan but be flexible. Make this a happy time. It is not an extended spring break or summer break but there can still be fun and joy in everyday. Remember this, we are all in this together and we will all get through this together.

Hi there, I am Christina Cervantes Crafton, I am from the awesome DFW area and currently live in good ol’ Mckinney. I am married and we are blessed with 3 amazing, healthy and happy children. Our oldest is Tristan and he is 11; our middle child, our only little girl, Layla, she is 7 and our last and final baby is a wild man named Channing and is 2.5 years old. I am a stay at home and have been for a few years now. I keep busy with my toddler getting into everything you can imagine and being involved in my children’s school and their activities. Most of the time it is organized chaos (haha!) I am a graduate of the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree. Go Eagles! I love hanging out with my family and making memories together. We enjoy sunshine and being outdoors enjoying fresh air and mother nature together as a family. I love to have fun with my family, laughing, playing games, trying to prank the kids, watching movies together, taking walks together ,cooking and baking. We are a close family and I love my circus and my monkeys so very much! We live a busy but blessed life. We live and teach our children to live life to it’s fullest and always remember to be appreciative and to always smile. I am totally new to the blogging world so I look forward to learning and sharing with you all, my life, my heart, my experiences, my thoughts, and ideas. I am so excited!!!!