App-Based & Online Workouts for Quarantine & Beyond

When quarantine began, one of the first things I missed was the gym. I’ve been practicing yoga regularly since last fall, and before that, was a frequent attendee of spin and other group fitness classes at my gym. 

To add to my heartache? I finally found a gym with a year-round indoor pool that enabled my son and me to swim together regularly. Now, I’m not about to add an in-ground pool to my house, but I have been able to find several solid options for online fitness during quarantine.

Perhaps you want to start a fitness routine to carry you through quarantine and beyond. Maybe you’re looking for something you can do in fits and spurts while you’re trying to navigate e-schooling and working. Or maybe you just want to do some yoga after everyone is in bed and you finally can relish the peace and quiet. Here’s a list of great online workouts (some paid, some free) to check out while we’re all stuck safe at home.

Online Yoga

Our very own Sarah Shiplett offers yoga through her website. There, you can find free sessions available on YouTube, or you can pay a small fee each month for access to even more, including longer flows, meditations, and even a monthly zoom call. I practice through Sarah’s paid program most days of the week because I like how it challenges me and how she’s geared so much of her flows toward moms like me, who are seeking just a few minutes of peace on the mat each day.

Yoga with Adriene is also a great yoga resource, and Adriene also offers paid and free programs through her website and YouTube channel. I practice along with Adriene more than once day a week even as I practice with the videos done by Sarah. I love her shorter flows, heart openers, and her month-long challenges. She’s great for beginners and beyond!

Online Cross & Strength Training

Fitness Blender. I love Fitness Blender’s free workout videos. With just a couple free weights or my body weight, I know that if I want to sweat, one of their short circuits will not only leave my limbs shaking with effort, but will also get my heart rate up without leaving me completely drained. The videos are down to earth, easy to follow, and accessible. They also offer paid programs, but I have always found the free ones to be enough for me. 

Kayla Itsines’ SWEAT App. This is a paid program that you can do through an app on your phone. I used the SWEAT app for one year before joining my gym and felt that the workouts offered enough variety to keep me from getting bored, while also offering enough challenge to constantly push me toward any goal I set, whether it was to be able to do a full push-up from my toes to goblet-squatting forty pounds or simply just taking a day to foam roll out all of my muscles. This app has a little something for anyone looking to take their fitness level up a notch.

Online Running Workouts

Nike Run Club is the only app I’ve used for running in recent years. I love that it syncs easily with my Apple Watch and tracks my pace, distance, and workouts with ease. You don’t have to have an app for running, but I like seeing how far I’ve traveled since getting back out on my feet. 

So tell me, what apps or online workout programs are you using to keep you moving during quarantine?