Mother’s Day Affirmations

A mother and daughter embrace.We’ve survived another year of putting food on the table, managing impossibly busy calendars, kissing a million boo-boos, and drying a million tears, including our own! It’s time to celebrate, mamas!

Perhaps you’ve graduated from a coaching to cheerleading role, or feel more like a spectator in parenthood. You’re no longer calling the shots but still supporting from the sideline. The job of a mother is never done. We worry at all hours of the night. We love even with it feels like our own hearts might burst. We try desperately to take all the pictures and hold on tight to our rapidly growing children while praying we’re giving them the right amount of space and saying exactly the right things.

It’s wonderful and sacred but exhausting all the same. Here are some Mother’s Day affirmations you need to hear.

Treat Yourself

You take care of your family every day. Make sure to take care of YOU this Mother’s Day.

How many times have you wished your partner knew what you wanted without having to tell them? Have you ever felt disappointed that you weren’t appreciated? Or perhaps you’re a single mom, and there’s no one to celebrate you but you. Don’t let unmet expectations ruin what should be a beautiful day to celebrate all that you are and do.

Ask yourself: What do I really want this Mother’s Day? What is one small way I can celebrate myself today? Maybe it’s a solo coffee and Target run. Maybe it’s enjoying a dinner you didn’t have to prepare, or an uninterrupted bubble bath with a good book. Order Crumbl cookies for yourself. Book that solo staycation. Go to brunch.

However you choose to celebrate, make it something that will bring you joy.

relaxing bubble bath with carrier for book and wine

You Are Worthy

We often reward our children for their achievements, so let’s reward ourselves for the beautiful children we’ve raised. It’s not selfish to celebrate yourself or to buy yourself something. It’s knowing your worth.

And mama, you are worth so much.

Channel Miley Cyrus and buy yourself flowers. It doesn’t make you any less worthy of them and it allows you to pick your favorite beautiful stems. You deserve every single one.

So often we wake and wait to see how we’ll be appreciated each year. But whether you are treated like a queen by your family or a servant, it isn’t a reflection of how good of a mother you are. You know all of the energy that you put into being a mom.

Remember how valuable you are and that your identity lies in even more than being a mom.

You Are Amazing

If no one has told you lately, remember you are an amazing mother. When your children need comfort, they seek you. You are their safe place. You work hard to give your kids a bright future. But most of all, you give your love. And that’s everything. It’s enough.

You don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent for your child. No one is perfect. Even if we did everything “perfect,” our children have desires and choices all their own.

Reflect on everything you’ve done RIGHT. Because what you’ve done right will stay with them forever, such as the happy memories you’ve created because endless guidance, support, and love. Those will never leave them.

So, whether they’re too little to say it or too cool to admit it, know that you are loved in return beyond measure.

Now, love yourself with even just an ounce of the love you give them, and remind yourself of just how amazing you are. Next, grab that favorite drink and cheers to you, mama. You are worth celebrating.

How will you celebrate yourself this Mother’s Day? We’d love to hear!

Bridget Scarbrough
Bridget grew up in the DFW area and is a proud TCU Horned Frog alum. After moving from Fort Worth to Dallas, she and her husband settled in Plano in 2013. She is an oncology registered nurse but has temporarily hung up her stethoscope for the glamorous life of being a personal chauffeur, chef, and maid to her two tiny bosses, Elizabeth (5) and Henry (1). In her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing, and exploring new places. Her happy place is a cozy coffee shop with her journal in one hand and a latte in the other.