Kids’ Consignment Season Tips

It’s almost my favorite season! No, not Fall. Consignment Season!

I’m a huge fan of the kid’s consignment events!  I find all of the best deals on back to school basics, boutique brands, shoes, Halloween costumes, backpacks and lunchboxes, and I even stock up on unopened Christmas gifts!

My favorite finds-
Matilda Jane Dresses
Mustard Pie outfits
Pottery Barn backpacks
Brand new shoes

My tips for consignment season

July (get ready to consign)-

1.Go through all of your kid’s clothes and pull out everything that they have outgrown or haven’t worn. I’m mean all of their clothes- pants, shirts, shoes, pajamas, jackets, hair bows.
2.Once you have pulled out all their clothes, sort them. Pull out anything that is dirty or has holes. (If it is dirty, wash it and do stain control.)
3.Start searching for tags and safety pins. (I order mine off of Amazon…)
4. Prep your items. Wash (if needed). Iron (I steam mine…). Sort by size. Hang. Tag. Enter your items into consignment event site.

I like to start on this early so I’m not doing everything last minute. I have waited last minute and it’s not pleasant…


All of your items should be ready to go. Most of the events start this month.
1. Make a list of all of you child’s needs. After cleaning out their closet you should have a better idea of what to buy.
2. Write down their sizes. Some people even measure their kids…

Optional- sign up to work an event.
1. It’s fun.
2. The more shifts you work the earlier you get to shop.
(I’ve signed up to be a super mom (work 3 shifts) at the Rhea Lana sale, which means I got to shop before all the other moms and I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe… I got the first selection of all the boutique clothes- the earlier you go the more there is and the cheaper the price…)

Shopping Day

1. Arrange for childcare. (If you go on opening day or presale day I would strongly urge you not to bring your kids….
2. Dress comfortably. Time flies while you are shopping. You will be standing the entire time.
3. Go early.
4. Bring a bag. (I like to bring the big Ikea bag) Most events will have shopping carts but on day 1 there are too many people to push a cart through the aisle.
5. After you have made your selections sort through all your finds before purchasing. Check for stains. Check for holes.


Most sales have a half price day. I play a little game… If I know an item is going to go half off then I try to wait for half price day to purchase it instead of buying it on the first day of the sale. I would say 80% of the time that item is still there. (If it is a really good deal I wouldn’t chance it.)

Don’t forget to check the juniors section for clothes for yourself! I’ve found some great finds disguised as juniors! 

Events to check out-

Rhea Lana-   200 E. Stacy Road,  Allen, Tx (This is my favorite event) 

Shopping Schedule: 

Presale – Saturday, Aug 26. (this is for consignors and workers, expecting moms and guest pass holders) 

Sun, Aug 27 from 11-9pm
Mon, Aug 28 from 10am-4pm
Tues, Aug 29 from 10am-9pm (50% Off Sale)
Wed, Aug 30 from 10am-2pm (50% Off Sale)

Visit the website or facebook for more information.

Just Between Friends – 8800 State Route 121, McKinney, TX, United States

Thu July 27 from 9am-8pm $3
Fri, Feb 24 from 9am-8pm
Sat, Feb 25 from 8am-5pm; 
Sun, Feb 26  from 8am-12am Half Price sale

Visit the website for more information.


Divine Consign- 

Shopping Schedule:

September 14-19

Visit the website for more information.

What are your best consignment shopping tips?


Mary Bost
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