Mom Tips for Visiting Jurassic World: The Exhibition at Grandscape in The Colony

Texas summer is upon us, and as a mom of young kids I try to find as many AC-friendly activities as possible. As a mom of two young boys, dinosaurs are a big deal in our house. So when I heard about Jurassic World: The Exhibition coming to Grandscape in The Colony, I knew we had to go check it out. I was blown away by the entire experience and it really felt like we were in the Jurassic World movie!

Travel to Isla Nublar and experience Jurassic World in real life, come face to face with a friendly brachiosaurus. See dinosaur eggs and other amazing dinosaurs right before your eyes. Everywhere you turned, there was something new and exciting that made you feel like you were transported into a world full of dinosaurs. The employees made it feel like you were a part of the movie and there were so many exciting surprises during the entire experience.

As a mom, I would say this interactive experience would be appropriate for kids three years or older. Depending on your child, they might get scared because there are moments with strobe lighting, dimly lit rooms, and brief loud noises. But there are areas to step away and interact and take pictures with so many cute and friendly dinosaurs up close and personal. The place has QR codes all over, and you can receive photos and videos from the experience and learn about the dinosaurs you are interacting with right in front of you.

Mom Tips for Visiting Jurassic World in The Colony

I would plan on giving yourself at least an hour to get the whole experience of Jurassic World. Take time to explore every part of this experience; there are so many surprises around every corner.
– No outside food or drink is allowed, so plan snacks accordingly.
– No bathrooms in the experience; there are bathrooms outside the experience adjacent to the exhibit.
– Buy tickets online. The exhibit opens at noon daily, and ticket reservations are based on timed hourly entry. Many weekends and evenings are already sold out so plan ahead!
– There is a retail store at the end of the experience, so get your wallets ready! Or shop ahead of time and pack a little dino in your purse (#momtip).

This was a truly mesmerizing and jaw-dropping experience for any dinosaur lover. Get ready to be transported to a world of dinosaurs and relive the Jurassic World movies in real life!

Watch this sneak peek video for Jurassic World at Grandscape:

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