How To Host A Virtual Book Club in 6 Easy Steps

So you want to host a virtual book club? And why shouldn’t you? It is easy, simple, and fun!

Book clubs are a wonderful way to connect with old friends, make new friends, and have meaningful, fun discussions around the latest NY Times Bestseller. Eat all the charcuterie, drink all the good good wine, and nibble on all the yummy desserts…what’s not to love?

Meeting up in person isn’t the only option available to you for hosting a book club; you can bring all the good vibes of a classic book club without leaving your home. Whether your girlfriends are next door or halfway around the world, you all can meet up virtually and have a fabulous time!

Here’s How To Host a Virtual Book Club

  1. Curate A Diverse Book List: You want a nice mixture of some favorites, newbies, and throw in a something new (think different cultures or genre or local authors). Maybe do a poll and see what everyone is interested in, and pull from there to create your book list. Oprah’s Book Club and Reese’s Book Club are both great places to find new and diverse reads.
  2. Book It, Baby: Now that you have your diverse book list, when are y’all meeting? Monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly? Majority rules on this one—pick a schedule that will work for most. Same thing goes for the time of day to meet.
  3. Discussion Questions: Most new book releases these days come with a discussion guide. Check out the author’s website for help on this one. From one fellow book lover to another, we love to chat a LOT about our latest read. We can’t help ourselves! So keeping this in mind, designate a moderator for discussions and a time limit for responses.
  4. Get Organized: If most of your participants are Facebook-friendly, create a private Facebook group where you all can discuss the book as you read, share the reading schedule, quotes, memes, author interviews, or anything else before the actual book discussion occurs. If not on social media, Goodreads or Bookclubz are both amazing and have user-friendly platforms to help you host and stay organized with your book club.
  5. Theme It Up: Add another layer of fun by having a themed discussion. Have everyone wear something or bring something to the discussion that ties in with the setting or character of the book. Does the character in your book love to make desserts? Have everyone make or buy their favorite dessert and take few minutes before the discussion to share their dessert and why it is their favorite.
  6. Make It Local: Many local authors have had their promotional events canceled lately. Support your favorite local author by reaching out to them or their team and scheduling a virtual talk with your book club whenever they have availability. This is a great opportunity to mix up things with your book club and help amplify local authors.

Would love to hear what you and/or your book club is currently reading, if you care to share. Happy Reading!

Alexis is a wife to Thomas and mom to two amazing girls, Maylin (13) and Malia (4). She and her family are recent transplants to North Texas from Michigan. Alexis is a content writer and copywriter. She blogs over at Motherhood Menageries where she helps moms to thrive in the midst of the sometimes chaos of motherhood through positive parenting solutions. An active PTA member at her daughter’s middle school, Alexis is passionate about diversity and inclusion in education and youth advocacy. When she is not writing and spending time with her family. You can find her discovering new local restaurants and frequenting local bookstores. She also enjoys a hot cup of coffee, a classic novel, a glass of wine, and some charcuterie!


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