Financial Health Series :: Budgeting, Financial Tips for Couples, & Steps to Take Now to Secure Your Future

Our financial situations impact every part of our lives. But why is it so tempting to bury our heads in the sand about it all? Especially when we KNOW that being informed and looking frankly at our expenditures is the only way to improve our situation, create forward momentum, and spend (or save) appropriately.

And having kids means it’s that much more important to have your eyes open to where you are, where you’d like to be, and how you might get there.

We have some Collin County Moms who’ve been serious about their finances for a while now and want to share their tips and experiences. This financial health series is designed to be a jumping off point, if you need one. Read these posts with your partner and come up with your own plans. Or, if you’re in charge, use this series as motivation to learn and set goals.

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments!

Methods for Paying Off Debt by Kara Robinson

Debt can be daunting to think about, but avoidance isn’t the answer. Check out these simple strategies for making some headway.

Meet Kara, Who Is Almost Debt Free! by Kara Robinson

A quick Q&A with Kara. It helps to hear from real people on financial matters, don’t you think? Too often, it’s all such a secret. Let’s demystify this whole thing!

How To Create a Zero-Based Budget by Catie Wood

First of all, what IS a zero-based budget? Learn what it is, why it helps, and how to do it (including some easy online budgeting tools).

Meet Megan, Who Is Debt Free! by Kara Robinson

A Q&A with Megan on her motivation, the hardest part of the process, and her best tips.

4 Pieces of Financial Advice for Widows by Alisa Hauser

Basic things you should sort out now in case the unimaginable ever happens. Alisa has some hard-earned wisdom to share with you.