Easy, Calm, Creative Car Games For Quieter Car Rides

I am just going to say it: my kids are loud. All day long, no matter where we are, if they are awake, they are loud. SO loud. My boys adore each other, they have this crazy bond that I can’t even begin to understand. I am mostly thankful for their bond, but it just adds to the loudness. They are either having the best time or they are annoying each other, but remember, it’s always loud. We have this wonderful little sister that is often forced to have naps on the go, so you can imagine that with the loudness, her naps are few and far between. I have taken to playing games in the car – quiet car games; some are tried and true, others I make up on the fly. Here are the fan favorites! I hope they bring some calm to the chaos of your car rides.  

Quiet Car Games to Play with Kids

  1. I Spy –  The classic that never gets old. Just remind them of your limitations as the driver. We always say I can only see things in the front seat for my turn.
  2. “The thinking game” – We were not the most original in naming this game, but they love it. We also do this whenever there is a waiting time and we need entertaining outside of tackling each other. It is usually animals or food, but we say, “I am thinking of a word that starts with ___ and it is an ___.” (example: I am thinking of a word that starts with A and it is an animal. Answer: Alligator). Sometimes we give hints. 
  3. Math Game – Again with the originality. Pretty basic math as we are 4 and under right now, but I just ask questions like: “Which number is bigger: 12 or 75.” “Which number is smallest: 82, 17, or 44?” “If I have three apples and I pick one more, how many do I have now?”
  4. Singing – We have the classics and then we make up silly versions of songs. Some fan faves are: Mr. Golden Sun, Hey Fighting Tigers (duh, Geaux Tigers for life and we have zero shame in starting ’em young), 3 Green Jelly Beans (and made up versions of it such as: 3 green hulks, 3 silly minions, etc..), Tiny Tim The Turtle (again, made-up versions), ABC Song, & 5 Little Pumpkins. 
  5. Rhyming Body Parts- I cannot for the life of me think of the official name, but it is that tune that goes: bippity boppity bo an elephant sat on my _____ (toe). We take turns, and it is always hilarious; just prepare yourself for the inappropriate comments from the peanut gallery. 

What are your ways of entertaining your kids in the car? I wish mine did those cute little busy books and used lap desks, but I am convinced they are tiny energizer bunnies pretending to be little cute humans. Happy travels mamas, and I hope these five activities give you a little less of the crazy loudness and a little more calm entertainment in the car. 

Julie Janes
Julie is a NOLA girl at heart who is setting down roots in Texas. She is married to her high school sweetie, Christopher. They are raising their sweet boys Harrison (Oct. 2014) & Douglas (Feb 2016) and their baby girl Colette (Dec. 2017). We cant forget their crazy GSP puppy Liuzza. They live in McKinney and spend their weekends yelling "Geaux Tigers & Who Dat" wherever they are!. Julie lives for play dates, mom dates, friends, and family. She can be seen watching her DVR'd shows (even if it takes days to get through one show), reading the same book for months, playing outside with her kids, taking nice relaxing bubble baths with a warmish cup of tea, cooking her newest pinned dinners, starting 17 different crafty projects and just enjoying what life has to offer.