Building Furniture is Better than Legos


As I sit here writing my blog post, my 9.5 year old son is actively building yet another masterpiece…for my house. This is the second piece of furniture he has built. May I boldly say: NOT the last piece that Architect Caleb will be adding to our collection of the modern farmhouse-themed home. Ah, Joanna Gaines, I’m coming for ya. 

Currently, he is in perfect view: just a few yards away my laptop screen. As I type, I am gleaming. 

Ahh. Isn’t life grand as they get older?

Let me paint the picture for you. The Threshold Wood Garment Rack with Weathered Gray Finish- she’s a real beaut. A prize winner for the master bathroom, complete with a sturdy hanging bar and five shelves. Assembly required; tools included. 

“Look at me and smile!” I squeal as I pull out my camera. Again. 

“Mommy, I need to make sure it’s secure!” Caleb, clearly busy in his craft, is irritated with me distracting him from finishing the first step. A little crooked, but who is complaining? I need to document the evidence of this progress. Caleb is flying through the directions. So. Proud. 

Now, I’ll admit- He is not entirely self sufficient; every few minutes, it’s, “Mom! Will you grab me a T?” But, overall, the kid is motivated to build furniture and it is truly a dream come true. 

I have a theory, and it started with Legos. Legos are to thank for this newfound talent. Caleb went from 0-60 on this one, actually. I thought he would have a natural draw to Legos from the start, but it was a gradual interest. For birthdays every year, he would get dozens of Legos, and I would always think, “Is this the year?” Age five came and went. No interest. Age six, slight interest. Age seven, though…total obsession. Holding attention and patience for reading through directions nonstop…who is this kid? I was impressed and bought tons of sets to nurture his newfound obsession.

He would build for HOURS adding to his Lego zoo. 

I wrote a blog about using legos.

Legos are to thank for reading directions, building, and creating. In my opinion, I think building furniture is better than Legos.

-Caleb has gained so much confidence with the furniture building.

-He frequently looks at the furniture as his prized possessions,

-Four words: No stepping on Legos.

-Lifelong skills! 

I highly encourage you to pick out a furniture set, help them along the way, take pictures, and tag me & CCMB! @socialwithsarah_ and @collincountymomsblog


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