4 Morning Routine Refreshes for Fall

The Fall season always has me thinking about ways I can freshen my routines. Routines are what helps us to keep our lives and our families lives afloat. So it is important from time to time to take a look at our routines and see where we can reset and refresh.

As moms, our morning routine is EVERYTHING. It sets the tone for the way we go through our day. So making sure your morning routine is not only effective but something you actually enjoy waking up to is super important. Refreshing your morning routine should only take a few minutes of your time, but it can make a major difference.

4 Quick Morning Routine Refreshes

1. Start Your Day 10 Minutes Earlier.

The early morning hours are a great opportunity for uninterrupted “me” time; unfortunately many of us are not morning people. The thought of waking up at, say, 5am seems too daunting, especially if you keep late hours. So try just starting your day 10 minutes earlier. Waking up 10 minutes before your normal wake up time over 21 days can become a habit. You may need to compromise and go to bed 10 minutes earlier, but that is far more realistic than trying to wake up an hour earlier if you’re not accustomed to doing so. Set your alarm for 10 minutes and then build from there.

2. Incorporate Meditation.

Meditation, even a quick 15-minute practice, has been scientifically shown to reduce stress, give your mood a much-needed boost, strengthen your immunity, calm your nervous system, and so many other great benefits for your mind and body. You can start simple and just set a timer for five minutes, find a comfy spot to sit or lay down, and just enjoy the silence. If your mind wanders, take note and continue your meditation. You can also choose a positive word to focus on. If you want a little more, there a myriad of meditation apps like Headspace and ShineText that can lead you through a simple but effective guided meditation.

3. Get Some Fresh Air.

Fall brings with it cooler weather and you can never have enough fresh air. Grab your hot drink or cold water and head outside for part of your morning routine. Throw on your comfy sweater or favorite hoodie and sit on your porch or back deck while you read your devotional or write in your journal. Grab your walking shoes and take a stroll around the block instead of your usual morning run.

4. Switch It Up & Try Something New!

The downside to our morning routine is that sometimes we can get into a rut. So switch it up! Add in something new like reading a new book, trying out an adult coloring page, taking up knitting or sewing, whatever you know will bring you some joy before the demands of the day set in…do it!

Need more? Check out our tips on a nighttime routine for easier mornings!

Routines are the rhythm of our lives but we don’t have to let them become stale and boring. Freshen up your morning routine so that you can start your day calm and balanced!

Alexis is a wife to Thomas and mom to two amazing girls, Maylin (13) and Malia (4). She and her family are recent transplants to North Texas from Michigan. Alexis is a content writer and copywriter. She blogs over at Motherhood Menageries where she helps moms to thrive in the midst of the sometimes chaos of motherhood through positive parenting solutions. An active PTA member at her daughter’s middle school, Alexis is passionate about diversity and inclusion in education and youth advocacy. When she is not writing and spending time with her family. You can find her discovering new local restaurants and frequenting local bookstores. She also enjoys a hot cup of coffee, a classic novel, a glass of wine, and some charcuterie!


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