4 Easy Daily Adventures With Little Kids

As I thought about what I wanted 2022 to look like for me, one thing that stood out was more adventures with my three-year-old! With three of my kids in elementary school now, I’m back to having quite a bit of time with just one child during the day, something that hasn’t happened in ages. He is my youngest (of four), and with the busy schedules of my older kids and the craziness of the last two years, getting out for simple daily adventures has been pushed to the back burner. And it makes me a little sad! I know some of it is par for the course for the youngest child, but I also don’t want to make that an excuse.

The great thing about these little toddlers is that pretty much anything can be a grand adventure. For example, my three-year-old LOVES going to Trader Joe’s with me. He is seriously a delight when we go there together. Of course, I very much enjoy going alone, but since I know how happy he is to go, I make sure to include him sometimes.

Here’s a Little Mom Tip for Us:

I sometimes feel like I get brain freeze when trying to think of something fun to do on the spot (or even the morning of). I’ve rounded up a few activities to keep in your adventure toolbox that are simple, require little prep, and are mostly free! Make a note in your phone and keep a running list so that if you need some ideas—or are in a moment where you can’t hear yourself think—you have help.

Personally, because I function best on routine and predictability, I’m going to choose two or three of these to do on a weekly basis, so they become part of our normal routine. This is something I did when my older kids were young, but I’ve gotten out of the habit.

Picnic at the Park

So simple but always a winner. Pack a fun snack or a whole lunch and go alone or with some friends. And even though it’s winter, here in Texas we can always count on a few warm days. Check out a couple of our posts on great parks here and here for ideas. Bringing along a snack or lunch means you can go straight to naps or quiet time when you get home.

things to do with toddlers, child at a playground

The Library

You don’t even have to check out books when you go to the library! Most libraries have a children’s section with toys or interactive activities. Read some stories, play with their resources, and maybe even meet some new friends. Of course, there are always story times and other library-planned activities you can attend. And it never hurts to stop at Sonic or Chick-Fil-A for a snack afterward!

The Pet Store

A few weeks ago, my husband took the kids out for a bit, and they ended up at the pet store. Let me tell you, my kids were thrilled about it! You can check out fish, guinea pigs and hamsters, birds, and more.

Walking Around the Neighborhood (With a Bag)

Of course, a perfect easy outing is a walk around the neighborhood. Let your little one(s) lead the way and just wander. Talk about all the things you see. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll want to pick up lots of little treasures of nature along the way (hence the bag).

things to do with toddlers, child on a nature walk

With older kids, busier schedules, and more responsibilities, taking time to pencil in these types of little adventures with my youngest sometimes feels too difficult or like there is not enough time in the day. But chances are, there IS enough time if we make it (telling myself that more than anyone else). I hope to take advantage of many little moments to slow down and enjoy some simple adventures with my little one this year.

Amanda moved to the Dallas area as a child, moved away for college, but then returned “home” with her husband and new daughter. Now five years later, she and her family are putting down roots in Collin County. Her educational background is an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a graduate degree in Early Childhood Studies. Most days you can find her doing her best to put her knowledge to work with 3 of the sweetest students around- born in 2010, 2014 and 2015. Once bedtime hits, you can find her doing some instructional design work, blogging, or finding the next great series on Netflix, usually with a cookie in hand. You can read more about her collection of thoughts on everything from motherhood and parenting to DIY and fitness, and whatever else is on her mind at her new blog <a href "http://www.thiscollectivelife.com/" This Collective Life .


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