Join the Collin County Moms Writing Team for 2021

Are you a Collin County mama that enjoys creative writing? Do you want to find a unique way to connect with local moms? Are you eager to share your unique experiences or voice with fellow moms? 

At Collin County Moms, we are passionate about the Collin County community and the moms who live here. Our goal is to make this area of North Texas feel just a little bit smaller. By using both our website and social media outlets, we want to keep our readers up to date on family-friendly activities around town, provide advice on parenting and motherhood, and encourage everyone to get out and explore all that our wonderful county has to offer.

That’s where our contributing team of writers comes in!

We are looking for local women with fresh and diverse voices who are passionate about motherhood and who want to share their experiences with other women in Collin County and beyond. We’re committed in 2021 to creating a community where ALL moms feel welcome at the table, and we are expanding our writing team to give space to the voices we haven’t heard from yet.

Note :: You do NOT have to be a “blogger” to apply! This is a volunteer role with some fun perks. Keep reading…

Who we are looking for…

Collin County is a huge community with so many amazing parenting styles and cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds represented. We would LOVE to continue to build a team that echoes the diversity of our community. We want to make sure we are representing ALL moms! With that in mind, the writers we are looking for are…

  • Moms in and around the entire Collin County area (from Farmersville to Frisco and Plano to Anna + everywhere in between!) who have a passion for motherhood, their city / our county and enjoy writing.
  • Women with a sense of humor and zest for life who don’t tend to take themselves too seriously.
  • A diverse group of women who represent the demographics of our community.
  • Moms of children of all ages, from infants to college-age and beyond.


Think LOCAL: We love to keep our content relevant to Collin County and the suburbs it contains… or at least within driving distance for day trips and outings. Blog posts can feature places to go and things to do while more general topics {potty training, DIY, working, etc.} can be given a local twist simply because they are written by a local mom – YOU!

Think MOMS: It may sound obvious, but Collin County Moms’ target audience is made up of moms, so it only makes sense that our content remains under the broad category of parenting, within which you have a ton of subtopics to choose from. If you have an idea that interests you and your friends, our readers would probably love to read about it too!

Most Importantly: Write what you love, and love what you write!

As you consider what content to submit as a sample with your application, please think about these important guidelines:

  • Your sample submissions must be original to you, meaning, you are the author. Please keep copyright infringement laws in mind.
  • The submission with your application should be a sampling of your writing (500-600 words). Writing samples might include a blog post from a personal website or national contributing site, newspaper editorial, magazine feature, or microblog (see definition below). You can even write something brand new or unpublished.
  • Content should be free from the following: profanity, sexual language, political endorsement of a party or candidate, political commentary, op-ed commentary on controversial social and/or political issues, and derogatory or inflammatory language.

Tell Me More…

This is a volunteer position, but there are some really fun perks to make it all worthwhile if you’re selected to join our team! Here’s what you can expect:

What you GIVE…

  • One original post per month on the topic of your choice that fits within the brand and mission of Collin County Moms; posts can vary from month to month or you can be a monthly “expert” on a subject you’re passionate about.
  • OR 3 MicroBlogs! :: Have you seen those pictures floating around Facebook with lengthy captions? Those are micros. They’re prominent on Instagram as well. You can think of them as mini-blogs, but they’re not great for everything, so here at Collin County Moms we mix these in with traditional blogs and lots of other content!

Since they are shorter in length, microblogs are meant to grab the reader’s attention immediately. Personal, relatable stories about everyday life and relationships often connect with our readers. If this sounds interesting, microblogging might be for you!

  • A 12-month voluntary commitment from February 2021 – January 2022.
  • Your presence, when possible, at Collin County Moms events and contributor gatherings (which are designed to be a great time!)
  • Interaction with our content on Social Media

What you GET…

  • New connections, new friendships, and an amazing experience
  • Social and direct networking with a huge community of moms (and kids) in Collin County
  • Discounted admission to all Collin County Moms Events
  • Your photo and bio on the Collin County Moms Team page (with links to your business, personal blog, and/or social media handles if you choose to share them)
  • Access to our private contributors’ group
  • Access to information and professional development in the areas of writing, blogging, SEO, social media, and event management
  • Opportunity to test out products and/or services for review as they become available to Collin County Moms contributors.
  • Fun! Even if you don’t consider yourself a blogger, writing is therapeutic and awesome.

Ready to Apply?

Fill out the application below and submit your writing sample. Once we close submissions, we’ll let you know that we’re on the way to bury ourselves in all of your content. Ongoing updates will be sent by email!

Deadline to Apply: Friday, January 29, 2021 @ 11:59PM

*There are no exceptions to the application deadline


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