Stop Asian Hate & Fight for Change

2021 was supposed to be a year of hope, renewal, and a turn toward a brighter future. But the world and our nation are facing another wave of social injustice and hatred toward a race of people. Being an AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander), I am all too aware of what is going on, specifically in the USA.

teach kids to stop asian hate

Seeing the verbal and physical abuse my fellow citizens are facing hurts my heart and soul. It doesn’t seem real to me, but this isn’t a dream, and I will continue to educate myself and be an advocate for all AAPI. We’ve learned so much in 2020 between the pandemic and Black Lives Matter; we MUST do better.

I have young children, and one of the simplest ways to be an advocate is to teach them through books and other resources. I believe the best way to understand anything is to educate yourself about what’s going on. At this moment, understanding a different race, culture, and group of people is all about self-education. We have to learn about where AAPI people come from, what they’ve been through as a group, and then realize that it’s time to stand with them in times of need.

Asian Americans are known as the “silent minority,” but I won’t be silent anymore.

Where we live, we have so many opportunities to experience different races and cultures through books, food, celebrations, and events. Books are an easy way to teach children about cultures in a fun and informative way.

3 Great AAPI Books for Kids

The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi

A lot of Asian immigrant children are given traditional names from their culture, which makes assimilating to American schools and culture very difficult. This is a story of a little girl who deals with having a different name and considers changing her name to something more “American.”

Lailah’s Lunchbox: A Ramadan Story by Reem Faruqi

This book is based on the author’s own experiences as a child, growing up Muslim, celebrating Ramadan, and fasting and respecting her religion at an American school.

Lunar New Year by Hannah Eliot

My young kids love this book; it teaches them about the origins and tradition of Chinese New Year. This book incorporates Chinese words into the writing and has vibrant and detailed pictures explaining what this holiday is all about.

There are a few AAPI Instagram accounts I follow that are highlighting the hatred and racist acts that many AAPI are facing all over the USA.

AAPI Instagram Accounts


Celebrating Asian identity through media, such as art, writing, and interviews


An online shop and celebration of Asian-American women


A non-profit organization of AAPI founders, creative voices, and leaders


Dedicated to strengthening Asian artists’ cultural groups through resources, promotion, and community building


Combating anti-Asian hate crimes through social media posts and advocacy

The only way we can overcome hatred educate ourselves and our children and stand with the AAPI community. Let’s all fight together!

Ashley Chan
Ashley was born and raised in North Texas and settled down in Frisco. She met her husband while playing intramural basketball at UNT. Ashley taught pre-k and then was a trainer for a technology company until having her two sweet boys. She loves cooking, going for walks with the whole family, and exploring new restaurants all over DFW. She's a hardcore Disney lover and loves to explore and travel with her family.