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This post was sponsored by MANSCAPED, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Father’s Day is around the corner, and if your husband has turned caveman after being stuck at home for a year, we’ve got some great gift ideas for him. MANSCAPED has your man covered (so he can get uncovered!).

Did you know that 96% of partners think bad grooming is a major turnoff (*raises hand*) and 85% of partners prefer a man who is groomed below the waist (*raises hand again*)?

But it’s not just about what we prefer. Guys are getting more into personal grooming for themselves too—for aesthetic reasons and more. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Texas summers are no picnic. According to my husband, “The heat just doesn’t allow for a ‘full-on’ situation down there for me. I’m sure it’s way worse for super hairy dudes.” Thank you for the imagery and insight, honey. Hairy, sweaty groin = bad. This is the kind of information that, while gross, can inspire THE PERFECT GIFT.

And yes, “technically” this is a guy’s gift, but so what if some of his MANSCAPED exfoliator or shaving gel works its way into my grooming routine? I’m not stealing, I’m sharing. These products are good, y’all.

MANSCAPED has the right tools for even the hairiest of jobs.
Here’s our Father’s Day Gift List for your modern caveman:

The Lawn Mower™ 4.0

MANSCAPED’s highly anticipated fourth generation below-the-waist electric trimmer is here…and it’s hungry. This tool includes:

  • Proprietary SkinSafe® technology helps prevent nicks, snags, and tugs
  • Powerful 7,000 RPM motor with QuietStroke™ technology
  • Rechargeable 600mA li-ion battery
  • Waterproof for convenient wet or dry operation
  • Ergonomic design and cordless capabilities

Because the Lawn Mower™ 4.0 comes with multiple guards, your man can determine the length of groin hair that fits his preference.

The Ultra Smooth Package 

Rejoice! This bundle is for those who want to go bald below the belt. It’s a specialized groin shaving system that’s designed to help expertly buff, protect, and smooth your man’s most sensitive areas. And it smells GREAT. After shower time is over, your man will smell like he did when you first dated!

The 3-piece kit contains: 

  • The Crop Shaver™ Groin Razor: Close-shave razor made specifically for below-the-waist. It comes with six replacement blades and a sleek storage case. The Crop Shaver™ Groin Razor is ergonomic (that’s what my man says), so a long handle doesn’t get in the way as he gets those hard-to-reach places. I’m told it works REALLY well around the ball area. This is the kind of feedback we need!
  • Crop Gel™ Ball Shaving Gel: A unique clear shaving gel that allows him to see where he’s grooming. It features a blend of four essential oils—coconut, tea tree, jojoba, and grapeseed—to leave his skin feeling soft and moisturized. The Crop Gel™ Ball Shaving Gel is similar to a shaving cream, but much thicker, so the razor glides over the hair and skin easier.
  • Crop Exfoliator™ Ball Exfoliator: Nip ingrowns in the bud by exfoliating pre-shave. Use the Crop Exfoliator™ Ball Exfoliator before and after you shave.

Add MANSCAPED to your Father’s Day gift list and give your guy confidence, hygiene, and straight-up sex appeal.

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Get your Father’s Day gift ordered today!

If all of the above doesn’t make you want to visit MANSCAPED and add a few items to your shopping cart, then knowing that they have a partnership with the Testicular Cancer Society to raise awareness about the most common form of cancer in men age 15-35 should help convince you!

Founded by Paul Tran in 2016, San Diego, California-based, MANSCAPED is the global leader in men’s grooming and hygiene below-the-waist. The product range includes only the best tools, formulations, and accessories for a simple, effective, and elevated male grooming routine. MANSCAPED offers a one-stop-shop at and direct-to-consumer shipping in more than 30 countries.

Learn more about MANSCAPED:


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