Spring Cleaning: A FREE 30-Day Cleaning Challenge Printable

cleaning supplies, spring cleaning schedule for momsThe time is here for spring cleaning, but I have to be honest…my house has been out of control for far longer than just the winter. It’s time for an intervention. I love to set goals, but a busy life and unrealistic expectations have caused so many of my goals to fall by the wayside.

When my husband asked me what I love so much about Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I told him I like that they don’t make it seem like a quick fix. The families on the show “tidy up” for the span of an entire month. I’ve realized that focusing on tidying, cleaning, and decluttering a little bit EVERY DAY is the only way that we are going to reclaim control over our home. So, I took my forever-long to-do list and divided it into a 30-day cleaning challenge.


  • This is a lifestyle, not a chore.
  • Anything that involves your kids’ things can involve your kids’ help!
  • Make sure to only focus on the task at hand; don’t get distracted.
  • Everyone’s situation is different, so work at the speed you need.

Here’s my 30-day cleaning challenge to myself—I hope you’ll join me!

30-day spring cleaning challenge for moms printableDAY 1 | Address your closet: purge, donate, store out-of-season pieces. Don’t forget that you can recycle shabby clothes and shoes. Just bag them up and take them to a drop-off bin (there’s one in the parking lot of every school in my neighborhood…).

DAY 2 | Dust all shelves, frames.

DAY 3 | Fridge and freezer: Check expirations, deep clean, and organize.

DAY 4 | Sanitize all light switches in doorknobs in the home (wipe down the doors, while you are at at!).

DAY 5 | Organize bathroom drawers and get rid of old/unused makeup and products.

DAY 6 | Change air filters and wipe all vents.

DAY 7 | What have you been putting off that’s not on this list? Pick your own project!

DAY 8 | Kid clothes: check sizes, donate, recycle, and store out-of-season pieces.

DAY 9 | Wipe down baseboards and fans (and cabinet fronts if you’re feeling energized).

DAY 10 | Pantry: Check expirations and organize.

DAY 11 | Clean microwave, stove, and toaster oven.

DAY 12 | Book and magazine purge. Before tossing anything, think of who in the community could use it: art teachers, your neighborhood Little Free Library, Half Price Books, etc.

DAY 13 | Clean and sanitize all bathrooms.

DAY 14 & 15 | Kid toys: Purge and donate.

DAY 16 | Kitchen cabinets and drawers: edit and organize. Only keep what you use/need. If you have a junk drawer, now is the time.

DAY 17 | Clean interior windows and dust blinds/curtains.

DAY 18 | Medicine cabinet: check expirations and organize.

DAY 19 | Vacuum under sofa/chair cushions and vacuum under furniture.

DAY 20 | Kid shoes: check sizes, donate, recycle, and store.

DAY 21 | Sanitize kitchen counters and sink.

DAY 22 & 23 | Tidy up car and garage.

DAY 24 | Pick a closet (or two!) and organize. Think about totes and luggage, art supplies, gift wrap…any of those types of collections that can get jumbly.

DAY 25 | Sort mail and important documents.

DAY 26 | Clean under all beds.

DAY 27 | Wash bedding and wipe down beds and cribs.

DAY 28 | Mop and vacuum all floors.

DAY 29 | Sort and store sentimental items, including going through your photos. Send some to get printed!

DAY 30 | And you’re done! Use today to make a list of future home projects or anything else you want to tackle in the future (exterior projects maybe??).

I can’t wait to see how the 30-day spring cleaning challenge will change our lives!

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Nadia Sherwin
Nadia was born and raised in Collin County and currently lives in Wylie. She is a former Kindergarten teacher, but is staying at home for the first time this year with her own little students: 2 year old TWINS and 5 month old TRIPLETS. Yes, you read that right, 5 children under 3 years old! Though her hands are very (literally) full, Nadia wouldn't have it any other way. Nadia always makes time to snap pictures of her littles, have friends over for parties, and go on adventures with her family. You can often find her falling asleep sitting up, nursing/pumping for the triplets, binge watching terrible TV shows in the wee hours of the morning, or surfing Pinterest for meals she'll never cook and crafts she'll never make. Nadia's new-found love is exercising and taking steps day-by-day to become the best version of herself. You can follow our family's shenanigans on Facebook or our blog, Sherwin Full House. "