Rethink Those New Year’s Resolutions

Can you believe it? Have we really gone full circle and arrived back to a New Year? I don’t know about you, but this has been the shortest and the longest year of my life. On one hand, I feel like it’s still March, and on the other hand, I feel like the never-ending “Spring Break” was years ago.

I know that all of our circumstances have been different—and a different range of extremes—but I’m pretty sure we can all agree that 2020 has been quite the dumpster fire. In fact, I found an ornament that perfectly commemorates 2020.

I am ecstatic for 2020 to exit stage left. Even though I know that the chaos is not going to magically disappear at the stroke of midnight, I am thirsty for the freshness of a new calendar year and the hope of having the COVID “uphill climb” behind us. I feel like my house, my body, my brain, and DEFINITELY my car could use a total overhaul.

However, I am already dreading my inbox, social media, the ads, and the posts that pressure me into feeling like I need to overhaul my life starting January 1. My problem (and this is my fault) is that I delude myself into thinking that I will do a “better job” of LIFE in the New Year, so I throw a bunch of darts at the board thinking surely something will stick. But in reality, NOBODY can perfect their body, declutter their home, weekly meal plan, build their career, start a new hobby, and make homemade goodies all at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong; I feel the jitters and excitement of how I could challenge myself to improve in 2021. But to be super honest with you, I am leaving 2020 feeling quite exhausted. I feel like I spent much of the year in a mental state of “survival mode:” walking on eggshells, trying to keep my family’s mental and physical well-being protected.

I feel like if there were ever a year for a “PASS” on New Year’s resolutions, this is the year. The pandemic is still not “over” (will it ever be?) and I don’t know about you, but I could use a little grace in all the corners of my life. Since 2020 took a match to most of my plans, I just don’t feel like putting more pressure on myself after such a taxing year. Can we all agree to just set the bar a little low this year?!

However, if you are looking at that new shiny planner and free blogger printables and just CAN’T HELP yourself, I did LOVE this article about 18 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep. If I pursue anything new in 2021, I want it to truly bring me JOY. I will admit one thing that I would like to focus on more in 2021 is thankfulness. I’ve been practicing writing down little things that I am thankful for (anything, even a hot shower), and it has already helped me to see the good things in my days that sometimes seem so mundane and repetitive.

So cheers, Mamas: We made it through 2020. No matter what method you folded your clothes (or just used the mountain method like me), no matter how many pre-packaged snacks you handed out or meal deliveries you ordered, you did WHAT MATTERED and pulled your family through. So grab that fuzzy blanket, some chocolate, a glass or mug of your favorite drink, and put your feet up. You DID GOOD in a year that nobody ever expected or prepared for.

Katie Wells
Katie resides in Plano and is a Stay-at-Home mommy who rarely “stays at home”! Between gymnastics, Bible study, and making the most of Mother’s Day Out, she is always looking for the next fun playdate in the area! Katie and her husband are both Mississippi natives and alumni of Mississippi State University. (Insert cowbell ringing.) They started out with a four-legged child, Manny, and five years later decided they were ready for the “real thing”. They quickly realized you’re NEVER READY. Greyson was born in October 2014 and has proved to be “a little Texas Tornado.” Her favorites include ANYTHING chocolate, SEC football, Netflix binge-watching, small town festivals, shopping the clearance aisle at Marshall’s, and throwing theme parties. You can read about her adventures, victories, failures, and everything in between on her blog, Two For One Wells.


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