My 6 Favorite TV Shows to Binge Watch

I’m always looking for a good TV show to binge watch, so I thought I’d share my latest favorites with you! With all this time at home I’ve actually had the time to catch up on some shows and found some good ones.

I usually watch TV in the evening before I go to bed. It has been my go-to way to unwind for years. I have an active imagination and vivid dreams, so that means I need to watch something light. If I watch a drama or something highly intense, I will have trouble falling asleep or nightmares, or both. Not good! Also, I have young children so by the end of the day I’m exhausted; there is no way I’d stay awake for a 45-minute show. So funny, light sitcoms are my thing these days.

Also, if I’m going to watch a show, I want to watch it from beginning to end, in order, no exceptions. Bonus if it’s already a completed series so I don’t have to wait for new episodes.

  1. FRIENDS. I am a huge Friends fan and have watched the series more times than I care to admit. Let’s just say, I could probably quote most of the lines right along with the actors!

  1. SCRUBS. I loved this show when it aired, and when it came on Hulu I converted my husband! He had watched a few episodes here and there but together we watched the full series.

  1. COUGAR TOWN. As a Friends fan I knew I wanted to check out Cougar Town but as an unexpected bonus, it’s done by the same creators as Scrubs and has many of the same cast members. I just finished this one and I loved the friendships within the group and the laugh-out-loud wit of many of the characters.

  1. THE MINDY PROJECT. This one starts off great for the first several seasons; lots of very funny scenes and witty lines. Although it slows down on the comedy it stays a good, lighthearted show until the end.

  1. THE OFFICE. This is another good one that you should definitely watch if you haven’t already. That’s where I first fell in love with Mindy Kaling. I also enjoyed her books.  She is a smart, multitalented woman who always make me laugh!

  1. LIFE IN PIECES. Oh, this one is so good! It came out about the same time we had our first son. One of the main couples has their first child in the first season and we identified so much, sometimes a little too much! It is a hilarious show with so many good, funny characters.

Ok, these are a few of my favorites lately. As I mentioned, I’m always looking for a good show so be sure and tell me your favorites in the comments.

Julia and her husband moved from Southern California to Texas in 2014. They love exploring their new home state and finding fun things to do with their two sons who were born in 2015 and 2018. She studied Theology and Fine Arts in college and enjoys using that unique combination in daily life! She’s spent many years working at her church with women, children and youth ministry. Before moving to Texas she owned a dance studio where she loved to help people realize their passions and talents in dance and acting. She is now enjoying the daily adventures of Mom life while writing about faith, family life, photography, and healthy food on her blog, and on Instagram @jewelswallace. Recently, she and her husband have started on a Foster to Adoption journey and are looking forward to the adventures that await.