Let’s Celebrate National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day activities for kidsSuperheroes have invaded and taken over my home! In a house full of young boys, superheroes are present in every form. They used to only be available in comic books, but with streaming media and TV, superheroes are now everywhere. I like that they’re inclusive—you can find characters with varying styles, body shapes, and abilities. We should all embrace our inner superhero and soar and reach for the stars.

April 28 is National Superhero Day. It was created by Marvel employees to celebrate all the amazing superheroes out there. It’s reported that the idea behind National Superhero Day is to honor those who serve and protect as they fight evil in the world.

This day is about celebrating both real and fictional superheroes.

And it reminds us of the real heroes who protect and help us every day: frontline workers like nurses, doctors, delivery workers, police officers, soldiers, firefighters, and all our amazing everyday superheroes.

Fun & Easy Ways to Celebrate Our Superheroes

Dress Up As Your Favorite Superhero

Whether you are Batman or a nurse, dress up and become your favorite superhero. Costumes are such a fun and easy way to honor and show support for your favorite hero.

Superhero Movie Marathon

Spend the day watching your favorite superhero TV shows or movies. Grab some popcorn and watch them together as a family. Discuss the attributes of your chosen superhero.

Honor a Real Superhero

Our everyday superheroes should get the same fame and accolades as fictional superheroes. Have your kids write notes or words of encouragement to local heroes like firefighters or nurses. Call your local hospital and see how you can encourage and support the hospital staff. They may allow you to send meals or treats. Here’s another idea: Collin County Non-Profit Spotlight: Support Our Scrubs.

Superhero Training

Set up a fun superhero obstacle course and challenge your little superheroes with a physical workout.

National Superhero Day can be a fun and rewarding opportunity to honor and celebrate our real-life and fictional superheroes. Get your capes and get ready to save the world during National Superhero Day!

Ashley was born and raised in North Texas and settled down in Frisco. She met her husband while playing intramural basketball at UNT. Ashley taught Pre-K and then was a trainer for a technology company until having her little one.She loves cooking, going for walks with the whole family and watching HGTV and Food Network. She's loves to keep up with the latest tech gadgets and is the nerd of the family. She and her husband own pandachans productions, which specialize in video production. She spends her free time trying to finish her adult coloring book, reading the news and enjoying home life with her little one.


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