The Halloween Pivot: Creative Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

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This year has brought many disappointments and cancellations, and now it looks like the disappointments will extend into the holiday season. But what if we take some of these disappointments and pivot them into creative, out-of-the-box ideas with which both kids and parents can safely get on board? I love the notion of tweaking traditions to fit a new situation, so I’ve come up with a few ideas on ways to safely experience Halloween 2020!

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Take a glorified neighborhood walk with a scavenger hunt twist! Print out a list of neighborhood Halloween decor items to check off your list (Here are some ideas from Pinterest), dress up in your Halloween finest, and venture out around the block. Flashlights and glow sticks are optional, but suggested. Drop a couple pieces of candy into the kids’ buckets each time they check off an item and have a fun Halloween gift basket and movie waiting for them at home after the hunt is over.

Candy Treasure Hunt

If you have the prep time, creating a candy treasure hunt for the kids could be really fun! For this one, a parent would hide a Halloween goodie bag or gift basket, then stash clues as to its whereabouts throughout the neighborhood. Dress the little monsters in their costumes and release them out on the hunt. Once they reach the last clue, they get a candy payday! 

Drive-Thru Events

Many organizations are turning their traditional trunk-or-treat events into drive-thru experiences. A prime example of this is iHeartRadio’s Drive Boo Halloween at the American Airlines Center, which promises “no-contact family fun!” This event involves viewing Halloween-themed scenes from your own car as you wind your way through the American Airlines Center parking garage. It all promises to be family-friendly, unless you choose to upgrade to the top floor, which is a “less kid-friendly, post-apocalyptic chaos, where the scares are a bit more intense.”

Halloween Staycation

Many hotels are offering special staycation rates for local residents and Halloween may be a great excuse to take advantage of a staycation deal! While some hotels may offer special Halloween events or goodies, even ones that don’t can still offer families a fun evening spent together. Popcorn and a Halloween movie while piled together on a large hotel bed (that I don’t have to make in the morning)? Add some breakfast in bed (that I don’t have to cook), and you can count me in! 

Family Halloween Party & Movie Night

There’s still plenty of fun to be had if you prefer to stay in on Halloween. Have the kids help decorate the house with some spooky decorations, hold a family costume and dance contest, then down a few Halloweiners (hot dogs for dinner!) before starting a Halloween movie fest. Netflix and Amazon Prime have a ton of great Halloween movies on tap for easy at-home viewing.

If this year has taught us one thing, it’s that adapting and pivoting is the key to success. With just a few pivots and tweaks, Halloween can still be a fun childhood experience your kids will remember for years to come. 

What are your out-of-the box ideas for experiencing Halloween this year?

Amy Kryzak
Amy is a native Texan, born and raised in Houston, schooled in Lubbock, survived young adulthood in Austin, and currently resides in Frisco. After completing a Master’s in English, Amy worked as an editor in higher education until she married her college sweetheart, Jeph, and the kids come along. After that, she did her best to fit in some freelance writing between diaper changes. These days, Amy stays home with her two adorable (and challenging) kiddos while writing for the blog she created, Frisco Mom Life, which connects like-minded mommas in Frisco and beyond. You can follow Amy’s journey on her blog, Instagram, or Facebook.


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