Get Your Photos Off Your Phone! 2 Fun Ways to Display Pics

Raise your hand if you have approximately 12,589 photos on your phone.

Looking for ways to display your photos instead of endlessly scrolling your camera roll? And you want to do something with them besides just backing them up to the Cloud. Am I right?

The advent of digital photography and ever-improving camera phones has made documenting your life SUPER EASY. You can snap, snap, snap, and have that memory saved. However, we also fall prey to only having photos on our phones. And it becomes an endless catalog of photos.

I’ve found a couple of amazing options to get your photos off your phone and into your hands or onto your walls.

Unique Ways to Display Your Photos

Chatbooks monthly photo book how to display photos


When my son was born, I took photos of him constantly, as any new mom does. I had heard about Chatbooks through friends, so I checked it out. Chatbooks makes it super easy to create albums, photo books, and cards.

You can upload photos to make albums directly from your phone through their app. The app can also connect to your Instagram or Facebook. You can also create a subscription to create monthly photo books.

The quality is stellar, and the photo books are affordable and won’t break the bank. Chatbooks has seasonal sales where you can save between 15-25%. It’s totally worth signing up for their newsletter!

fun ways to display your photos Mixtiles


I recently discovered Mixtiles (thanks, Instagram ads!), and I’m so glad the ads were served to me. Since the birth of my second child, my daughter, I was looking for more ways to get photos off of my phone and display them in my home.

Mixtiles offers framed, ready-to-hang 8×8 prints for your walls. You can upload directly from your phone and order through their app. I was especially impressed with how quickly they shipped and that Mixtiles updated me regularly with the status of the order.

When the Mixtiles arrived, they were well packaged and ready to hang on the wall, right out of the box. They take all the typical roadblocks to wall art prints out of the equation. As soon as I received my Mixtiles, I hung them up. I love looking at the photos of our family every day.

Mixtiles offers promos through their app and emails. Once you order them, you’ll be pining for more. I know I am!

Looking for other ways to display photos and kid’s artwork?

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