Cozy Comforts for the New Year

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The cold winter months always make me want to curl up, hibernate and get my hygge on, but living through the disaster that was 2020 has turned that annual desire into a full-blown, screaming need for self-care. So will you join me in a little self care this month as we tentatively welcome 2021 from under the cover of our comfy and cozy blankets?

Here are my favorite cozy comforts for welcoming the new year!

Reading Shawl

Are you ever minding your own business, trying to read in bed or on the couch, but your arms and shoulders keep getting cold and you can’t cover them because then you can’t hold your book? Me, too. It’s a problem. Enter the reading shawl! This super soft and cozy wrap will keep your shoulders and arms warm while keeping your hands free to hold your book. Or TV remote. Whatever, man. Bonus: It has pockets!

reading shawl

Book of the Month Club

Now that you have the warmth of your upper torso under control with a reading shawl, it’s time to settle down with the perfect book! The Book of the Month Club is a great way to find books perfectly suited to your preferences. For a $15 monthly subscription fee, you’ll receive 5 book recommendations from the professionals at BOTM; from those recommendations, you’ll choose the one you want to read and they’ll send the hardback to you. Easy peasy! Not interested in a subscription service? Join Goodreads to get personalized book recommendations delivered to your inbox!



Nothing says cozy like a delicious-smelling candle as it adds some warm mood lighting to your evening. Over the last few months, lighting candles has become a sort of ritual for me, signifying the end of long days as they turn into (hopefully) peaceful evenings. The BEST candles are sourced locally in Frisco from 192 Candle Co. The owner of 192 Candle Co., Natalie, is a local single mom with a passion for candles (read more about her amazing story here). All candles from 192 Candle Co. are organic, 100% soy and hand-poured in Natalie’s home, and they are absolute heaven. You can order online and pick up your candles from Natalie locally (or she delivers within 20 miles). 192 Candle Co. also ships nationwide, or you can visit the 192 Candle Co. booth at Painted Tree Marketplace in Frisco.

2020 candle

Mulled Wine

Who says this holiday classic can’t extend its cozy-inducing vibes into January? Not me! A mug of mulled wine is just the thing to warm you up and relax you from the inside out. And it will make your entire house smell fantastic! Here is the mulled wine recipe I use from Fork in the Kitchen. If you prefer something not grape-based, a classic hot toddy will also do the trick!

mulled wine

Licorice and Peppermint Hot Tea

If mulled wine isn’t your thing or if you’re taking a break from alcohol, you have to try licorice and peppermint hot tea! I know, it sounds gross, but trust me in this! I actually detest licorice flavor and peppermint is far from my favorite, but this tea combo just works! It’s sweet—no need to add any sweeteners or honey—with a little bite from the licorice, followed by a hint of mint. And it’s caffeine free with only one calorie per cup! If there’s a perfect hot tea, this is it! I drink the Teapigs brand with wild abandon (also available on Amazon).

hot tea

Fuzzy Socks

This one almost goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Fuzzy socks are an absolute cozy requirement. My feet are always cold in the winter months so there’s nothing I love more than pulling on a pair of thick, fuzzy socks, preferably combined with some baggy sweatpants. I own many fuzzy socks, ranging from Target Dollar Spot specials to the plush Barefoot Dreams socks that are, well, dreamlike. I love them all and keep them in constant rotation.

fuzzy socks

Let’s let this new year come in gently with all the warmth and coziness we can muster. Enjoy these cozy comforts, mommas!


Amy Kryzak
Amy is a native Texan, born and raised in Houston, schooled in Lubbock, survived young adulthood in Austin, and currently resides in Frisco. After completing a Master’s in English, Amy worked as an editor in higher education until she married her college sweetheart, Jeph, and the kids come along. After that, she did her best to fit in some freelance writing between diaper changes. These days, Amy stays home with her two adorable (and challenging) kiddos while writing for the blog she created, Frisco Mom Life, which connects like-minded mommas in Frisco and beyond. You can follow Amy’s journey on her blog, Instagram, or Facebook.


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