6 Reasons Why Aldi Is Just Better

Since I have known about Aldi, I have loved Aldi. When I heard Aldi was to come to Frisco some years ago, I was very close to ecstatic. After checking with “taste experts” (my own family) and doing some research (grocery shopping practically every day), I rounded up what I imagine are the best products that definitely warrant a trip to Aldi.

If this store is new to you, find out what exactly Aldi is and why everyone who’s been knows that it’s just better. But before that, let’s put some rumors about Aldi to bed. Read up on the truth about these 10 popular Aldi rumors.

Here are 6 reasons why Aldi is just better:

Wine at Aldi

As an 18-year-old (European legal age for drinking alcohol) in Munich, discovering wine cost the equivalent of a couple of dollars at Aldi, I was sold for a lifetime! Aldi has inexpensive—but not cheap—wine from all over the world. My favorite tends to be the one with a label that mirrors my mood on any particular day.

wine at AldiA fine example of that would be Don’t Mind If I Do. Or even, on occasion, Flirty Bird. There are more than 37 different wines at Aldi that cost less than $10; however, prices may vary by store. Read this buyer’s guide on the best Aldi wine and for heaven’s sake, stock up.

Chocolate at Aldi

Nothing compares. Nothing! Aldi stocks German and Swiss milk and dark chocolates. They come in all shapes and sizes. Dried fruit and nuts are smothered in it. And if you prefer your chocolate in its purest form, without the fancy bits and pieces added, they have that in abundance, too. The German-owned company reportedly deals with lots of European suppliers, meaning they also have lots of imported treats—including chocolate. According to The Kitchn Facebook page, you can find high-quality, great-tasting chocolate at Aldi for as little as $2 per 4.4 oz. Look here

chocolate at Aldi

Cheese at Aldi

I am a cheese whore. On more than one occasion, I have been known to stand in the cheese corner and just stare. My favorites, not unlike my favorite children, include all of them! But the variety is wide and the taste: heavenly.

cheese at AldiSimilar to their chocolate selection, Aldi has excellent cheeses from grass-fed (cows), and you’ll find cheddar to Gouda and everything in between. These high-falutin’ fancier flavors range in price anywhere from $2 to $5. Not surprisingly, Aldi has won a plethora of awards for their delicious cheeses, so you’re guaranteed the best quality. Aldi can sell their products at a lower price simply because they’re efficient and have low overhead. Here’s a ranking of the best cheeses from Aldi.

Milk at Aldi

Everywhere nowadays, milk is going up in price. The varieties at Aldi are comparable to other stores: almond, lactose free, etc. I always go for the regular ol’ vitamin D milk. The dairy farmer’s daughter in me always knows that milk is milk is milk, and that there’s a cow frolicking in a grassy meadow somewhere, rolling her eyes at the fancy terms for what she produces. That cow knows a thing or two, regardless of what it says on the packaging. And that’s why she works for Aldi!

Bread at Aldi

bread at AldiAldi sells a myriad of breads including, whole wheat, Italian bread, rolls, bagels, English muffins, brioche, and more. Not only do their breads get solid reviews, but they sell for an affordable price. White bread retails for $0.89 on average at Aldi, making it a better deal than the average retail price of white bread in the United States at $2.46.

Meats at Aldi

Every Wednesday, Aldi offers a “Fresh Meat Special Buy” which is usually top-cut meats such as brisket or pork chops at very low prices. The salmon, too, comes at prices that will rock your world! These specials sell out fast, so it’s best to go early.

meat at Aldi

Make sure to bring a quarter for your cart (which you get back once you return it) and bags (I know, so European!) for your grocery run. The friendly staff are helpful and actually smile at you while you shop (I know, really weird!). But more than all of that, if you have a tendency to be tickled pink when you save money and you haven’t been to Aldi yet, what are you waiting for?

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Dymphna Keohan
Dymphna Keohan lives in Frisco with her husband,Paul, and their four children, (17yrs-23yr old). Originally from Ireland, Dymphna has lived in Texas for over 25 years. She works full-time as an inclusion teacher for Frisco ISD. Dymphna and her family are avid travelers and enjoy finding out fascinating things about the cities they visit. As a stress reliever, working out is her fuel, and like a crazy person, she runs six miles a day!