How to Make Great Coffee at Home

National Coffee Day is today! A great cup of coffee can bring some joy to the day…and most of us don’t have the money for a Slayer or La Marzocco espresso machine, but we still want a delicious cup of coffee, right? With a little bit of knowledge, you can make an amazing cup of coffee at home, I promise!

4 Tips for Great Coffee at Home

Making Coffee at Home

  1. Coffee Quality
    When exploring the offerings in the coffee aisle, be sure to select one that has been roasted recently. It doesn’t take long for ground coffee to spoil, so aim for a recently roasted whole bean. If you have a local coffee roaster in your area, pay them a visit! You’ll be sure to find some freshly roasted coffee to purchase. Coffee subscriptions are another great way to get fresh coffee, as they usually arrive at your door only a couple days after roasting. Old coffee looks flat after brewing, tastes bitter, and isn’t worth your money, so be sure to aim for the freshest roasts you can find.
  2. Coffee Storage
    Investing in airtight containers, such as the airscape, will help to keep your coffee fresher for longer. You can also store your beans in the freezer, if you take precautions to make sure it is properly sealed. Once your beans have de-thawed, do not place them back in the freezer. Coffee easily absorbs smells, so the fridge is not a recommended storage location. Your coffee will taste so much better if you store it well!
  3. Coffee Grinder
    I cannot emphasize this enough: A good coffee grinder will make a huge difference in the flavors that end up in your cup! A conical burr grinder will give you options on grind type. I have had my Capresso coffee grinder for years and it is a champ! A hand grinder would be cheaper option, but it can be a bit inconsistent on grind type. The recommended grind type will differ between the coffee makers. A drip coffee maker will need a fine grind. A French press will need a coarse grind because of the filter style. A chemex will need medium coarse ground beans to bring out the best flavors.
  4. Coffee Maker
    Choose a coffee maker that will meet your needs. This will make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment in coffee beans effectively! If you are the only coffee drinker in your home, look at purchasing an aeropress, a small French press, or a pour-over coffee maker. To yield coffee for two to three individuals, aim for the chemex, a 34-oz. French press, or a drip coffee maker. For larger gatherings, I love to bring out our 1.75-liter French press. A large drip coffee maker would also be a great option to serve many people at one time or to keep your coffee warm throughout the day for multiple cups!

So how do you take your coffee? Hot or cold? Do you drink it black or add some cream and sugar? If cold brew is your favorite thing, be sure to check out my blog comparing cold brew makers.

All of us are working hard every day and we deserve an amazing cup of coffee. Cheers to coffee and to all the coffee-loving mamas out there!

Erin Meltzer
Erin is married to her high school sweetheart and is currently in the chaos of raising two beautiful girls. She has a passion for coffee and photography. Currently, she is in the process of renovating her new farmhouse and also daydreaming about what fun animals will reside there too. For updates and more check out her Instagram @coffeemamabear.


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