Unexpected and Totally Practical Ways to Self-Care

A woman exercises with a towel around her neck.Everyone is talking about self-care these days. It is a buzzy discussion for a reason — it’s really important! Self-care is refreshing, reviving, and recharging.

After becoming a mom, I became more aware of why I need to find self-care in my daily life. As a mom, more and more of my time is given to others. I need to get moments of peace, calm, and rejuvenation where I can! Sure, a spa day or vacation would be ideal, but that’s not always practical or in the cards.

Here are few unexpected and totally doable forms of self-care.

Sprinkle Daily Gratitude

I find if I say aloud what I’m grateful for each day, it will remind me of why I am where I am. It’s great to do this in the morning, but I also love taking the time to reflect throughout the day, like during my commute, in the pick-up line at school, or washing my face. I’m a fan of little bits of gratitude sprinkled throughout my day.

Watch Reality TV

No, it doesn’t HAVE to be reality TV — just something that you enjoy. This could be listening to your favorite podcast, rocking to the new Beyonce album from start to finish, or reading a book. Engaging in these pleasures give us the time to disconnect from our reality for a short while. I may do it while folding laundry — gotta get it in where I can!

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Develop a Solid Skincare Ritual

I’m a skincare junkie. I love trying new products and truly luxuriate in my nighttime routine. It is an important part of my day when I can breathe and be present. I smell the fresh scent of the cleanser, I feel the texture of the serums. It is something that grounds me.

Have a Good Cry

I am not a crier. But sometimes I put on “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton and ugly cry. Or watch that scene in Love, Actually when Emma Thompson found out her husband is having an affair, but she keeps it together for her kids. And I bawl. It’s a good physical and emotional release that I benefit from.

Connect with Friends and Family

Even though I’m an introvert, I need connection. Weekly FaceTime calls with Grandma and MarcoPolos with my college friends reenergize me. I also crave happy hours or lunches with my local friends. These are the people I treasure and choose to share my life with.

A woman talks on the phone.Work Out

I am not one who works out often, especially after kids. But a little movement does lift my spirits. Since being cleared to workout after my second baby, I do an early Saturday morning workout. My husband spends a lazy morning with the kids, and then we switch on Sunday morning when he takes a long run or walk. We both fill our cups, so we can be present for our kids the rest of the weekend.

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Throw a Dance Party

Sometimes we just need to dance it out. We can do this with our kids dancing to “Let It Go,” or by ourselves dancing to Gloria Estefan’s greatest hits. Upbeat music and movements get those moods right!

All of these things remind us of what makes us who we are. It connects us to ourselves and others. It keeps us moving forward. We deserve the same thought and care we pour into our families.

What is your favorite form of self-care?

Sarah Springer
Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sarah met her husband in college where they were both pursuing music degrees. After several fast-paced years in New York City, they settled in the Fort Worth area in 2013. Their greatest adventure began in early 2019 with the birth of their daughter Eleanor. Sarah currently works in the real estate industry. She enjoys practicing yoga, watching "bad" tv, perusing restaurant menus online, and pretending she can cook and host like the Barefoot Contessa.