Make a FUN Weight Loss Reward Chart

How many of us have made the resolution to lose weight this year? Pretty much everyone? That’s what I thought. Making a weight-loss goal is the bittersweet combination of excitement for what adventures await and the dread of doing said activities because of those extra pounds. But who says it has to be awful? You know all those chore charts and potty charts you make for your kids? Time for your own version! Create a weight loss reward chart with the amount of weight you’re wanting to eliminate. Make this thing loud, colorful, and FUN. Decide how often you want a prize. Every pound gone, cross off a box, and when you get to a prize box, it’s REWARD TIME.

Make sure to work towards things you wouldn’t normally do or get for yourself, since that is the whole point of a treat! Here are some prize ideas to get you started on your weight loss reward chart!

  • Book – I constantly load up on free e-readers because, well, they’re free. Plus, it means I don’t have to cart the kids to the bookstore. But that doesn’t change my love for turning real pages. So, for me, buying a real book (that isn’t a board book or has rhymes) is awesome.
  • Sunglasses – Between me and the kids, they get broken, fixed, re-broken, scratched, chewed on, and sticky. So, I haven’t bought any in a while, and even when I did they were the $5 Walmart special. But the Texas sun definitely makes these something to be desired!
  • Drinkware – Different options with this one to fit your style! New coffee mug, tumbler, blender bottle, or hey, a bigger wine glass!
  • Shoes – Like we need another excuse for more shoes! But this way you’ll feel a little less guilty if you’ve earned it. Maybe a new pair of tennis shoes since you’re wearing your old ones out. Or, maybe you’ve got the confidence (and sitter) for a date night and want those new heels!
  • Workout Gear – If it’s early in your journey, a cute new outfit always helps boost or keep up the motivation! If it’s later, maybe it’s time to change it up and even change a size!
  • Movie Night – This can go a couple ways. It could be a mom’s night out and a trip to the theater. Or, it can be an at-home movie night where YOU get to pick the movie and your hubby doesn’t get to protest. Goodbye, John Wick. Hello, Pretty Woman!
  • Mommy Day – Get your partner on board for this one. Maybe it means you don’t cook or clean for a day. Maybe it means you get an uninterrupted nap or bath. Make it your own!
  • Piercing/Tattoo – Something fun and maybe a little crazy! I personally have talked myself out of both multiple times. But, maybe I’ll finally go through with it after I earn it!
  • New Hairdo – What is a life changing journey without a new ‘do?! But remember, make your rewards something you wouldn’t normally do. If you have a reoccurring appointment with your hairdresser, don’t pick this one!
  • Manicure/Pedicure – These are always fun and getting it done for you is far more relaxing than all the yoga you have to do to get to your toes.
  • Massage – Everyday mom life is stressful to begin with, and now you’re throwing in exercise and less chocolate? Enough said.
  • Bath Bomb/Candle Combo –  You need a night of relaxing and to soak those muscles you’ve been building. Spruce up your bath time with a scented bomb and some candlelight!
  • Fun Event –  Go to a concert, a play, a sports game or take a class! Buy yourself a ticket to something you enjoy and do it!
  • Bouquet of Flowers –  Who says flowers are only for anniversaries and birthdays? Brighten up your counter with a bundle of your favorites!
  • NEW WARDROBE – I personally saved this one for last on my own goal chart. What better way to celebrate the changes you’ve made and all that you’ve accomplished than a new look? Set up a jar and save money along the way so the shopping trip is already paid for!


Jennifer Schnell
Jennifer is an Oregon native, transplanted to Princeton, TX in June of 2016 with her “high school sweetheart turned husband”, Stephen. She worked as a Certified Pharmacy Technician for just over 6 years before taking on the role of stay at home mom. She has two boys: Wyatt (October 2015) and their little Texan, Henry (May 2017). She loves a good book, crafting, coffee, playing video games with her hubby and, of course, snuggles from her boys. She is still adapting to the heat, humidity, traffic and everything else that is different from back home, but enjoys all the storm watching and exploring new areas!