My Road to Getting Fit

The start of your workout, your “get fit journey,” can be one that makes you feel defeated, excited, hopeful, grateful, frustrated, uncertain, worried, impatient, lost, happy, and/or driven. Such a wide range of feelings and emotions that can either make you or break you. Throughout the journey there will be many ups and downs. From what I know, every mountain you are climbing you will eventually fight through it and reach the top, almost always learning something both good and bad about yourself.

About nine months ago, I decided I was fed up of feeling like a total stranger to myself. I had gained about 30 pounds in like six months and was unrecognizable to myself and to many that knew me. Some would make comments, some would not. It was hurtful. I was depressed, unhappy, and going through some things personally and I let myself go. I stopped caring about me and it clearly got out of hand. I was miserable, so naturally everyone around me became miserable. I had (still do) a husband who was frequenting the gym and getting results. I had a gym membership I just did not use it for an entire year…until I was 100% fed up. I could not fit into anything other than large yoga pants and struggled even tying my shoes. Who had I become? Why did I do this to myself?

One morning, my husband and our three children were going to the gym. I said that I wasn’t going to go. About 10 minutes after they left, I called my husband and said,” I am coming up there; today is the day.” That was the day my world, my marriage, my self-esteem started to change. It was hard to face the truths, the physical reality. But I did it.

Nine months later, I feel like me again. I actually love myself. I smile bigger because I am proud of myself. I did this on my own. I was determined and dedicated. I started off with lots of cardio, lots of sauna time, and then incorporated weights, machines, and different workout regimes I found on YouTube and Instagram. With all the positives and triumphs I have had; there were and ARE days when I feel like I am hitting a wall with my workouts and my progress has plateaued, which is natural.

Today was one of those days I felt discouraged with my progress. I had such a great routine for five months, then summer came and everything I had been doing consistently went south due to my routine and workout schedule needing to change. Then school started, and strep throat hit our home, and once again my routine suffered for two weeks…again. I felt l was losing my stamina, my muscle strength, any muscle definition that I had only started to see take shape.

Today, I went back, started my routine again, ready and excited to be back. Yet when I got home afterward, I felt defeated. I thought to myself, “This is going to be a long journey and I have already worked so hard.” Yet I knew I had a great workout. I did my biceps, triceps, and back. Mixed in some abs and my usual weighted lunges.

After all that, I made the mistake of weighing myself. Note to self: Avoid the scale. I was seriously defeated and let down. When I got home, I told my husband I needed to self reflect and do some inner soul searching. I started to think and held myself accountable. Truth is, my diet has not been perfect, my sleeping habits have been hit or miss, my routine has been all messed up, and lastly I reminded myself that muscle weighs more than fat. Nine months ago, I was soft, overweight for my 5-foot frame, and no muscle definition could be seen. Today I have muscle, I am slimmer, I can breathe better. I had to remind myself how far I have come on this journey and not get too down on myself as if I am making no progress. Truth is, I am making progress, in every area, not just the way I look.

I had to remind myself that “I got this”. I can do this. I will do this. I am dedicated. I did not get this way overnight, so it will take time. It is all about progress, not perfection.

I tell myself to not give up. Be patient. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on the positives. Do not let the negatives seep into your head and start to discourage you and your efforts. Do not forget why you started. Many of us start for many reasons but whatever your reasons are let them keep you motivated and driving you towards your goals. This is not a temporary effort, this is a lifestyle change. Take it a day at a time but always think about tomorrow and a new day ahead. Stay vigilant, my friend. If you want it, it is going to take hard work, dedication, patience, time management, no excuses, accountability, humility, and consistency.

I hope you all reading this can take what I say and remember my story, my struggles, my strengths, my positive advice to encourage you to either start or continue staying dedicated to your own personal workout, your “get fit journey.”

You can do it, I promise you. When you reach that day or that moment you get 100% fed up, like I did, that day will be the day to a beautiful new beginning for yourself. There will be days you are not motivated, days you are like forget this, but fight through those days. I never use to be a gym girl or a machines-and-weights-kind-of-girl with any consistency; but once I got into my rhythm, I do not want a day without my gym time. If you want it bad enough you WILL find a way!

Hi there, I am Christina Cervantes Crafton, I am from the awesome DFW area and currently live in good ol’ Mckinney. I am married and we are blessed with 3 amazing, healthy and happy children. Our oldest is Tristan and he is 11; our middle child, our only little girl, Layla, she is 7 and our last and final baby is a wild man named Channing and is 2.5 years old. I am a stay at home and have been for a few years now. I keep busy with my toddler getting into everything you can imagine and being involved in my children’s school and their activities. Most of the time it is organized chaos (haha!) I am a graduate of the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree. Go Eagles! I love hanging out with my family and making memories together. We enjoy sunshine and being outdoors enjoying fresh air and mother nature together as a family. I love to have fun with my family, laughing, playing games, trying to prank the kids, watching movies together, taking walks together ,cooking and baking. We are a close family and I love my circus and my monkeys so very much! We live a busy but blessed life. We live and teach our children to live life to it’s fullest and always remember to be appreciative and to always smile. I am totally new to the blogging world so I look forward to learning and sharing with you all, my life, my heart, my experiences, my thoughts, and ideas. I am so excited!!!!