Writing Letters of Encouragement

We all need love. Right now, it feels like there is a chasm that we can’t bridge between each other. There is a need to be safe and make smart decisions, but we’ve had to let go of some vital things. We were designed for each other and for community. This life was not meant to be lived alone. We see division all around us and there are immense hurts within our communities.

I know that we can help each other heal. We are good at being helpers, when we see others in need. There is a way forward for all of us. One of those ways our communities can heal is with letters of encouragement.

Letter and Envelopes

I am challenging you to write a letter. Just one letter, encouraging someone in your community. It could be to a family member, a close friend, your neighbor, your mailman, or the pizza delivery person. Tell them how important they are to you or how thankful you are for them. You could write an uplifting quote, send a picture, or ask how they are doing. It doesn’t have to be a long-winded note in order for it to make an impact.

Blank card sets are great to have on hand. I usually have a set or two in my craft area, so I can use them when needed! There are some cute blank card sets available on Amazon, like this brightly colored gold foil set or this simple but elegant “thank you” note set.

We need each other and we aren’t able to meet up in the same places that we usually do. We cannot see each other’s smiles, but that doesn’t mean that we can give up on our community. Being alone is costing us too much. We can fight loneliness with love and that love can come in the form of a letter. Let’s start the healing, together with letters of encouragement.

Erin Meltzer
Erin is married to her high school sweetheart and is currently in the chaos of raising two beautiful girls. She has a passion for coffee and photography. Currently, she is in the process of renovating her new farmhouse and also daydreaming about what fun animals will reside there too. For updates and more check out her Instagram @coffeemamabear.