Crush Your 2022 Health Goals with AdvoCare

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Truth: I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I’m an Enneagram three, so I’m a goal setter and achiever all year long. But if you’re anything like the more than one-third of Americans who make resolutions in the new year to exercise more, lose weight, or eat healthier, AdvoCare wants to help you stay on track and finally achieve the healthy lifestyle you crave.

AdvoCare Rehydrate® for Recovery

My hands-down favorite AdvoCare product is the Rehydrate®. I’m a big fan of running, high-intensity cardio, and weight training, and dehydration is the killer of any good workout. Melon is my favorite flavor, with Mango Pineapple being a close second. I love that in addition to hydration, Rehydrate gives me electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that my body needs to recover. (Pro tip: Rehydrate is also fantastic to have on hand for hydration during bouts of sickness!) I like the individual packets that I can drop into a bottle of water on the go, but the canisters are a great option for those who prefer reusable water bottles.

Spark® for Energy

If you’ve ever heard of AdvoCare, you’ve likely heard of Spark®. It’s their top-selling product every year and for good reason. If you’re trying to give up coffee, want to increase your energy level before a workout, or just want a new way to fuel an active lifestyle, Spark would be a great addition for you! It provides energy, vitamins, and amino acids with minimal calories. I definitely notice an increase in my mental focus when I reach for it in place of that soda in the afternoon.

Shakes and More for Weight Loss

Let’s get real—the pandemic hasn’t been kind to most of our waistlines. If weight loss is a goal of yours this year, AdvoCare offers cleanses, meal replacement shakes, and supplements to help you reach your goals faster. The convenience of a morning shake can’t be beat, and AdvoCare offers so many unique flavors like Salted Caramel or Chocolate Peanut Butter, so you never feel deprived.

Supplements for Wellness

I never really paid much attention to my vitamin intake before 2020, but now? It’s a huge part of my daily routine. Whether you want to boost your immunity, focus on gut health, or start taking collagen to improve your skin, there’s an AdvoCare supplement for you. They offer all the good stuff: fiber, calcium, probiotics, elderberry, and more, so be sure to add those to your order before checkout.

For those of you on a health journey in 2022, AdvoCare wants to help you stay on track. Visit their website for more information or to place your order.

What’s your AdvoCare must-have?


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