6 Immunity-Boosting Foods to Keep You Healthy

Bone Broth

Cooler temps are just around the corner and with COVID still lingering around, now’s the best time to start supporting your immune system. So, what are some good tips and tricks to keeping healthy this year? I got you covered. Here are six immunity-boosting foods to try.

6 Immunity-Boosting Foods to Keep You Healthy

1. Turmeric


Ah, the powerful ingredient that is turmeric. This gorgeous, vibrant yellow-orange spice has some major benefits for the brain and body containing a compound called curcumin. Curcumin has some major powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant.

If you’re dealing with congestion, cough, sore throat, cold/flu, or sinus issues, try juicing some turmeric, ginger, oranges, and a garlic clove to make sure your body fights off everything.

2. Bell Pepper

red bell pepper

Now, if you think oranges pack the highest doses of vitamin C, think again. Bell pepper contains almost three times as much vitamin C as an orange, and is super rich in beta-carotene which is basically where you get your antioxidants from.

Slice these up and eat them raw, or throw them in soups, salads, sandwiches, and so much more. The possibilities are endless and such a great way to boost that immune system.

3. Celery

Celery Stalk

Celery contains no vitamin C but it does promote optimal gut health, which is vital. A healthy gut will help support a healthy immune system. According to Anthony Williams, author of Medical Medium-Life Changing Foods, celery is the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods because it starves unproductive bacteria and flushes out toxins and debris from your intestines.

Try celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see me doing this almost every morning. When I’m not drinking straight celery juice, I love to add celery to my morning smoothie or juice.

My favorite juice recipe is ½ celery stalk, cucumber, ½ lemon, 1 red apple, a small piece of ginger, and either parsley, mint, or basil. YUMMY!

You can even throw it into a salad and soup.

4. Kale


The magical veggie that is kale. I love and use kale in just about anything. Throw it in smoothies, soups, salads, pasta sauces, and so much more. They’re also loaded with vitamin C: One cup of raw kale is equal to 80mg of vitamin C.

Try my Asian Ground Turkey with Kale and Coconut Rice

5. Bone Broth

Bone Broth Sipping

There’s nothing better than chicken soup when you’re sick. Bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s rich in minerals, amino acids (protein), and gelatin (collagen), meaning it reduces inflammation, heals the gut, boosts immunity, and is proven to aid in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, infections and even improves mental and emotional health.

Sip on bone broth once a day. I like to unwind from the day sipping on bone broth and adding a little lemon juice and salt to flavor it up.

PTB Healing Lemon Chicken Soup

You can make bone broth very easily at home. Check out my Healing Lemon Chicken Soup with Homemade Bone Broth for the simple yet delicious recipe. Whatever you do…PLEASE don’t buy and drink the regular chicken broth. It won’t do the same thing and oftentimes filled with a ton of not-so-good ingredients. If you must purchase bone broth, look for the ones actually labeled bone broth. You can even shop Bone Broth on Thrive Market.

6. Mushrooms

mushroom buttons

Mushrooms are an anti-inflammatory food that contain high levels of beta glucans compounds that keep immune cells alert, plus a powerful antioxidant that lowers inflammation. Mushrooms have a natural ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. Eat them raw or cooked or through THIS popular tea. If you prefer a natural supplement, Immune Shroom is amazing. SOURCE

There you have it, my friends. Six immunity-boosting foods to keep you healthy this season.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem without consulting a qualified healthcare provider. 


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