I need to get moments of peace, calm, and rejuvenation where I can! Sure, a spa day or vacation would be ideal, but that's not always practical or in the cards.
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No need to exercise like an Olympian. We mainly need to keep our bodies active, even in short bursts, so our heart gets revved up to a healthy pace throughout the day.
It's so important to teach kids how to be kind to themselves, to friends, and to people in general because that helps us humanize and care for each other.
The road to get to this diagnosis wasn’t quick, nor was it completely unexpected -- yet still, it was an overwhelming experience.
There's always a lot of fun runs scheduled for this time of year. Is it because the holidays are associated with indulgence and near-constant eating? Maybe, but it's also a time of giving, and races often benefit a good cause....
One Wish I wish I could wash away the memory of what Alzheimer's did to my dad. While he could not remember, I am unable to forget the many years of watching him fade away. Memories are the bridge that...
There’s nothing like the beginning of fall. The weather starts to get cooler, the leaves start to change colors, and we all get settled back into our routines. The autumn season always motivates me to get outside and get...



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