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Things to do in with kids and families that you’ll only find in Collin County.

About six years ago, my husband and I became Costco Members. Looking back it seems a little silly that we were members because at the time, our membership had only one purpose. Gift giving! It was just the two of...
What are the Top Kid Picks at The State Fair of Texas to perfectly fit the interest of your child? Let's take a glimpse inside a 'personalized trip' the way your child would see it. I couldn't wait to feel like a kid again...
Room Mom.  PTA Board.  Coach.  Neighborhood Committee Member.  Church Volunteer. Do several of these titles have your name next to them? Or, perhaps, do they ALL currently have your name next to them? Then you, my friend, are an Over-Committer. Moms are...



AROUND Collin County

Critter Club :: Weekly Animal Fun at Fairview Town Center

This weekend my kids and I did something we haven’t done in a very long time...we got out of the house and were social!  Okay,...