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Things to do in with kids and families that you’ll only find in Collin County.

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Donating within our own community makes it even more personal, especially for smaller children.
Download your local sample ballot, and do your homework. Maybe you've already made your decision, or maybe you need more facts.
We’ve rounded up the best family-friendly events and things to do with kids this November in Dallas and all the surrounding areas. (Hint: Find even more things to do in the metroplex on Fort Worth Moms and Dallas Moms.) A...
Kids develop differently both mentally and physically, but research and attentive parenting can help us make informed decisions that can lead to successful sports experiences.
Take it from someone who is Greek. My Papou (grandfather in Greek) came to the United States from Greece and made his living by owning two Greek restaurants.
Come take a look at our list of all the fun October kids activities and family events in and around Collin County.
Collin County Moms is proud to bring you our annual "A Guide to Fall Fun in Collin County." This resource is filled with fall festivals, pumpkin patches, Halloween carnivals, and family-friendly autumn activities in and around Collin County. 



AROUND Collin County