A Guide to Surviving Tantrums


If you have kids, you know that temper tantrums can be exhausting. You wonder what happened to your sweet loving child as you try to navigate the emotional meltdowns that begin in toddlerhood. The first time my child had a tantrum I thought I was going to Lose. My. Mind.

It came on quickly as she crouched in the corner behind our sofa.  She screamed and flailed for what seemed like an eternity. I offered her drinks, food and toys to no avail. I started to wonder if she was in pain and checked her body for injuries, not finding one scrape.  I tried to console her but she wanted nothing to do with me.

It was hard watching my child writhe on the floor not knowing how to help her. I just stared at her completely bewildered without any solution to the problem. At the time, I didn’t realize that my child was feeling the exact same way.  She didn’t know how to handle the situation either. It’s easy to get frustrated with temper tantrums, but once you learn what’s happening in their little brains you can be more patient with them.

In the second year of life, toddlers become more aware of the world and things they need or want in it. This is an exciting milestone that is also met with a lot of frustration for the child.  They don’t yet have the language skills to say what they want or need. They live in an emotional world and only know how to express frustration through crying or screaming.  These communication skills worked for them up until now (remember scooping up your sweet newborn at the slightest whimper?) but it’s not working for mommy or child anymore!

These are some tips to handle or avoid tantrums altogether.

Don’t Have Kids. This is the only way to completely avoid tantrums and if you are reading this you’re way past this option!

Stay Calm. It’s easy to loose your cool and jump on the emotional roller coaster with your child. There have been many times I’ve wanted to scream alongside my toddler or start crying in the grocery store. The best thing that’s worked for our family is to stay calm and not give into the emotional reactions, no matter how bad the behavior. This can take a lot of deep breathing on my part!

Use Distraction.  This is actually a good coping skill adults use, so why wouldn’t we use it with our children? Listen to music, dance, sing a song, blow bubbles, go for a walk, or paint.  Playing with playdoh, sand or water are also self soothing. I’ve even given my child a bath in the middle of the day to avoid a meltdown. You can easily get creative with this strategy because children love play and anything FUN!

Plan Ahead.  Most of us like to know what to expect in our day.  Our children aren’t any different. It helps when I talk about our plans. Repeatedly. Over and over. I usually tell my daughter at least 5+ times that she’s going to school before we even leave the house. I typically remind her about school as we eat breakfast and get dressed. So when it’s time to go, she knows what to expect and there isn’t a (huge) struggle to get in the car.

Give Choices. Children naturally want to be more independent.  Give your child some non-critical choices throughout the day to help them feel more in control. They can choose which shirt to wear or what to eat for a snack. This helps reduce tantrums and avoid them all together.

Identify Emotions.  Some toddlers know basic emotions like happy and sad. I’ve found sometimes that just putting a word to what my child feels can help a lot. I may give her a hug and say, “I know you don’t like it when a toy breaks, and I see you’re sad about it.”  Now, your child may not get all of that, but they can pick up on tone of voice and body language.  They can tell when your being empathic (putting yourself in their shoes) and providing support. This isn’t my go-to tactic, but on a rare occasion it’s been exactly what my daughter needed and it worked. Another way to do this is to show pictures of emotions to help the child identify them.

Finally, take care of yourself!  It can be exhausting teaching a little human how to handle emotions.

Check out some of these self care ideas from NashvilleCMB.

Home for the Holidays: A Guide to a McKinney Christmas

This post has been sponsored by Historic Downtown McKinney to bring you information on their upcoming holiday events! We hope you find it helpful.

It’s here! It’s here! The holidays are here! The smells of Thanksgiving are already filling the air, and moms everywhere are starting to think about how they’ll fill their calendars with parties, events, and traditions.

Before you get too far in your planning, take a moment to enjoy this time with your family. Let others do the work for you and make some new memories by spending some quality time together! Once the dishes are done and the Cowboys have (hopefully) won, head to Historic Downtown McKinney for a weekend that will surely be a magical and joyful kick off to the holiday season. 

Here’s your Activity Guide for Home for the Holidays…A McKinney Christmas!

h4h2016_videoFriday, November 25, 2016

img_251310am – 8pm :: The city’s square will be transformed into a winter wonderland of shopping, entertainment, activities, and food! There will be holiday shopping at more than 120 locally-owned stores and boutiques, and will be the ultimate destination to shop local for Black Friday

Throughout the day, there’s a little something for everyone! All weekend long, you can bring the little ones and get professional photos with Santa Claus in Santa’s Village (located on East Virginia St.) Pricing includes 1 5×7 for $15 and 4 5×7’s $25. 

When you’re not visiting Santa or waiting on the tree lighting, enjoy some of the many family-friendly attractions. View the Live Nativity by Living Life UMC, take a spin on the Carousel and Ferris Wheel, or step inside Bouncy the World’s Tallest Snowman Bouncehouse! 

2pm & 5pm :: Bring the whole family and watch McKinney Repertory Theatre present “A Christmas Carol”. This adaptation places special emphasis on the ghostly apparitions in the spirit of Dickens’ original text, and is full of Victorian music played on a vintage theatre pipe organ.  Tickets are required, and can be purchased HERE. (General Admission is $11/person with discounts for seniors, students, and chilren.)

6:15pm :: Don’t miss the lighting of McKinney’s Christmas Tree; a 34 foot Blue Spruce tree in the middle of city square. Bring the family and take holiday photos and sight see as you stroll the square with live entertainment by Emerald City Band. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

8am :: Wake up early with Believe! 2016! This annual 5K, 10K, and 1 Mile Fun Run supports the Holy Family School of McKinney who’s mission is to offer the highest quality childcare and learning environment for Collin County’s diverse population without financial bias. Registration is $35-$40 per person depending on the length of the race you’re competing in. The Annual 100 yard dash Santa Chase is FREE (and only available to children ages 10 and younger).

10am – 8pm :: The fun continues for holiday shoppers on Small Business Saturday. Leisurely shop in downtown McKinney and enjoy unique a shopping experience as you support local businesses. 

Santa Claus will continue to be around all weekend in Santa’s Village as families enjoy the activities on the square! Other activities include a petting zoo, Frosty’s train rides, a visit to Whoville and photos with the Grinch, and, you can’t miss sliding on Snowzilla Jr.! 

2pm & 5pm :: The McKinney Repertory Theater will present two more showings of “A Christmas Carol”. Again, tickets are required, but can be purchased online HERE

6:00pm :: If you’re not able to make the fun on Friday night, there’s still more fun to be had on Saturday night! Enjoy live holiday entertainment by Le Freak beginning at 6:00pm. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

img_2490-1Don’t have FOMO! If Sunday is the only day you can make it, McKinney is keeping their “doors” open for you! Enjoy many of the same shopping deals, events, and activities all weekend long — with adjusted hours. 

12pm – 5pm :: Home for the Holidays continues with family-friendly activities including, Frosty’s Train Rides, a petting zoo, Bouncy the World’s Tallest Snowman Bouncehouse, Snowzilla Jr., Ferris Wheel & Carousel rides, Whoville and photos with the Grinch, and live nativity by Living Life UMC. 

Santa Claus won’t be heading back to the North Pole anytime soon! Visit him anytime on Sunday between 12-5pm, but he’ll be back daily starting December 2nd – December 15th from 3-5pm. Get your tickets here: http://www.santaonthesquaremckinney.org/

1pm :: It’s the final showing of McKinney Repertory Theater Presents “A Christmas Carol”. Make sure to grab tickets to see this show before the weekend comes to an end! 

More details and information for Home for the Holidays…A McKinney Christmas can be found online on their website or on their Facebook page


Historic Downtown McKinney will be hosting a wide range of events this holiday season! Be sure to add as many to your calendar as you can because I know you won’t want to miss a thing! 

December 1 :: Polar Express Pajama Party (5:30pm) at the McKinney Performing Arts Center – A Fundraiser for the McKinney PAC. VIP Tickets ($59 per 1 adult & child) include a visit and picture with Santa, Games, Hot Cocoa & Sandwiches, Christmas Crafts, a viewing of The Polar Express, and Cookie Decorating. Reserve your ticket here

December 2 :: MPAC Presents Swing’n the Holidays: The Jive Aces (8pm) at the McKinney Performing Arts Center – A performance the whole family can attend as on of the UK’s top jive and swing bands entertain during this Holiday Series. Tickets are on sale here

December 8 :: WFAA’s Santa’s Helper Toy Drive (5pm-8:30pm) in Historic Downtown McKinney – Participate in the 2nd year by bringing unwrapped, new toys to Kentucky Street to support WFAA-TV’s Santa’s Helpers Toy Drive. Channel 8 will be doing live broadcasts throughout the night as toys are being delivered. 

December 10 :: Erica Lane “Christmas Joy” (8pm) at the McKinney Performing Arts Center – Make it a date night with holiday music, live and in-person at Erica Lane’s holiday concert “Christmas Joy”. Tickets can be found here.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Is there an event or activity we’ve missed? Leave a note in the comments below for others to see! 

Happy start to the Holidays!

Print Your Photos: Your Kids Will Thank You

We go through the hard work of seeking out a great photographer who will capture our family photos just the way we’ve envisioned them in our mind.  Then, we picked the right color coordinated outfits for everyone to wear.  Lastly, we’ve scoped out a fantastic location (or maybe the photographer did this, but still) and the day has arrived- PICTURE DAY! 

Whatever style it is, posed or candid, you get to see the images some two to three weeks later. Then what? This is a digital world we live in and that’s just the reality of it.  We want that perfect photo to update our Facebook profile as well as our cover, maybe even update our Instagram and Twitter profiles as well.  We are ready to showcase these gorgeous photos that we spent hours upon hours preparing for and taking.  

Most photographers nowadays provide collections that include those coveted digital files and there you have it. Score! “I’m so ready to show these off to friends and family on the internets!” you think to yourself.  And you do.  Nothing wrong with that, I mean, who doesn’t want to see the gorgeousness of my children and the awesome memories we made while snapping these beautiful photos, right?

BUT, what if I told you that those photos weren’t just intended to stay in the digital abyss that is known as your computers hard drive or on a USB drive tucked away in your desk or even on a shared drive on the internet?  What if those pictures that you spent hour upon hours envisioning in your mind were actually meant to be displayed in your home or in your work space or even your parents homes?  Huh… Isn’t that something?

Luster prints 11×14 & 8×10: RC PhotogrAphy by Vanessa Sias

Somewhere along the course of time someone decided that photographing our children, our families, our pregnant bellies, our special moments were exclusively intended to be given to us in digital format.  And I get it, we live in that world. But don’t believe the hype! Print your photos and trust me, your kids will thank you for it.  

Print them.  Some photographers actually include prints, canvases and even accordion mini albums (brag books) in their session fee or as add-ons.  Seek THOSE photographers out.  Why? Because you spent time cultivating the “perfect” family photos (or kids photos or maternity photos- whatever the case may be) and you owe it to yourself. You owe it to yourself to see those beautiful images on your walls, in your office, in your living room, etc.  Your photographs will one day become family heirlooms.  These photos will be passed down to your kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

THEY will thank you for it.

4×6 accordion mini album: RC PhotogrAphy by Vanessa Sias

If your photographer included a print release with your digital images (FYI- most do when offering an online gallery or USB drive) print them yourself.  The big box stores do a good job of  reproducing large print photos or canvases at a reasonable rate. 

Research suggests that children who see their family photos displayed in their homes on a regular basis are more confident. Children have a higher sense of security when they see their family at a joyous time (i.e. when they took those pictures).  It goes without saying, even as adults, when we see our family photos displayed in our homes or in our work space we get happy.  

Moral of the story: PRINT YOUR PHOTOS.

Thankful Conversation Starters For Your Thanksgiving Table


Thanksgiving is right around the corner y’all. Get those elastic waistbands and dining room tables ready. Pick out your favorite beer and don’t forget the Cowboys game is at 3:30 so plan accordingly. Oh, and remember to talk about what you’re thankful for somewhere in there…right? It’s easy to get wrapped up in other things, especially if you’re hosting, so here are some thankful conversation cards for your table so there can be some thankful discussion going on while passing the rolls.

Fun Yum & Frills

CCMB - Thankful Conversation Starters - FYF

**click on picture for direct link**

PapeRelli for ClassyClutter

CCMB - Thankful Conversation Starters - 4

**click on picture for direct link**

PapeRelli for Craftaholics Anonymous

Pssst…not into conversation starters? Try this fun Thanksgiving Trivia game instead!

CCMB - Thankful Conversation Starters - 5

**click on picture for direct link**

Second Chance to Dream

CCMB - Thankful Conversation Starters - 3

**click on picture for direct link**

Oriental Trading Company

CCMB - Thankful Conversation Starters - 2

**click on picture for direct link**

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions and conversations?

Surviving Holiday Air Travel With Little Ones 101


There is an air of excitement that comes with an upcoming trip! The possibilities are endless! You get to leave your everyday life behind for a little while and go somewhere different. It is exciting! You are going on a trip! Then a wave of nerves hit as you think  “what am I going to pack/what am I forgetting!?” We travel so often that we have adopted the saying “There are stores there and we can always buy it if we forgot it”. Let’s be real my lists have lists, and I never forget anything (knock on wood).

surviving-holiday-air-travelThings we have learned when flying with our kids:

  • You cannot have 2 lap children in the same row due to the number of oxygen masks (4 per row). We found the best system was sitting in aisles next to each other, each with a child. 
  • TSA Pre-Check is truly a godsend. It is worth every penny and the time to be screened. If you travel often with your children you need this for your sanity. 
  • Some airports have a separate line for strollers and wheel chairs, you need only ask if you don’t see it labeled. 
  • You must go to full service when traveling with lap children. They need to see a copy of the child’s birth certificate. Factor in extra time for this, there is always a line.
  • Family boarding is really the best time to board. You do not feel rushed by the 50 pairs of eyes behind you, and you have time to get on and settled. Between you and me (we fly Southwest a lot, cannot sing enough praises of them – but that is for another time) so we check in 24hrs before and your boarding order is decided then: A, B, or C boarding group. I always secretly am a little relieved to be in the B section. We don’t have to cram into the A line and constantly tell Harrison “Stop touching the person in front of you (read — stop touching that strangers butt).”
  • Security, security, security…. now this is where the real headache with flying comes in. There is always a line at the security check point and anxiety spikes, I don’t care who you are, it spikes. There are ways to make security more manageable. Again, I am going to plug for TSA Pre-Check. But if you do not have it, don’t worry, you will still make through the “not as much fun as Disney World” line. Tips for security: have boarding passes and ID’s easily grab-able (you do not need to show birth certificate copy again, so put that away in a safe spot), little ones (12 and under) do not have to take shoes off & make sure you have breastmilk/formula/milk in a cooler or bag that is easy to pull out and send though the x-ray machine – they will “test” liquids, but not frozen. Bonus: They also check your hands if you are wearing a baby.


What can be found in my bag when traveling with kids:

  • Stickers, coloring books, crayons, books & the iPad are the things we have found easiest to bring. I have tried puzzles, magnets, and many other items that seems too cumbersome to carry and too complicated for plane rides. Tip: Hit up the Dollar Store and dollar spot at Target, they always have seasonal fun things for kids on the cheap side. 
  • Easy & mess free foods: grapes, applesauce pouches, gummies (cough – bribery food), snack cups/ziplocs with snacks like goldfish & popcorn, or Lara bars. 
  • Thieves cleaner/Clorox wipes/hand sanitizer – Judge if you will, but before my kids enter the row I do a quick cleaning on the seat backs, tray tables, seat belts, arm rests, and seats. It is obviously not going to be perfect, but it eases my mommy mind. Airplanes are dirty and gross and germ hoarders. I always said if I designed airplanes I would have put a disinfectant spray in the air vents to clean ev.ery.thing. 
  • Empty water bottles – We buy a giant bottle of water in the terminal. Tip: open the cap slowly to the let the pressure out before popping up the water spout. We made this mistake once and created a sort of high pressure water hose with Harrison’s water bottle. The end result was our entire row and those around us being soaked. Oh, did I add that the flight attendant was taking drink orders in the aisle at the time, so we couldn’t leave him out of the shower now could we. (face.in.palm. mommy win)
  • Diapers & wipes –  you can never have enough. The secret here is to have them handy. Get that quick diaper change in before boarding.  We all want to avoid the tiny airplane bathroom with the tiny changing table if we can. 
  • I am a stickler for binky/paci/nunu/insert name for pacifier usage. But when it comes to flying the sucking reflex is a must for little ones. Especially on take off and landing. If I am nursing at the time, I will nurse, but for my toddler we offer the binky or snack. If your children are beyond the binky years try a lollipop/gum/snack —  something to keep their mouths chewing during take off and landing. 

Kitchens Are For Dancing

I am always thinking about the next thing I need to do. My brain is like a revolving hamster wheel of things I need to get done today, tomorrow, and most often what I should have done yesterday. I stress myself out over getting the kids to bed at a decent hour so that I can clean up and take a whack at my never ending to-do list (both the one I have physically written down and the one I have jumbled in my mental hamster wheel). During the day, I find myself following my daughter and dogs around with a broom and/or hand held vacuum in an attempt to keep up with the messy build up of stay at home life. I keep cleaning supplies in almost every room so that I can dust and Windex whenever I have a 5 minute break from my busy body toddler and non-napping newborn. 

What is wrong with me?

I constantly stress myself out over nonsense. I am a stay at home mom with two kids, two dogs, and a cat. We are home most of the time, so why can’t I accept that things ARE going to get messy? 

I recently learned to let go of such intense anxieties and not sweat the small stuff. One Sunday evening when I was (of course) cleaning the kitchen, my daughter popped up next to me with an overtly mischievous grin spread across her face. I noticed she was holding my Ipod in her hand. I looked at her, looked at the Ipod full of our favorite boogie tunes, grabbed my husband, and we all spent the next half hour busting our moves on the kitchen floor. We were like a ridiculous group of wannabe back up dancers, breaking it down like our lives depended on it. The laughter that came along with the booty shaking was infectious and the pure enjoyment was inevitable. From Bruno Mars to Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake to John Mayer, we spun, jumped, flipped, kicked, and skipped to every beat. 

When the dance party wound down and the music hushed to a dull roar, I surprisingly did not go back to cleaning. I did not partake in my usual barking of orders as to what needed to be done next in our nightly routine. Instead, my husband and I took the time to bathe and get our kids ready for bed TOGETHER (something we did not usually do, as I would employ skills acquired during my time in the corporate world to maximize production). And with my anxieties being left out on the dance floor, I enjoyed every second of our night as a family. Not once did I check the clock to see if we were on schedule and I did not experience an ounce of tenseness. 

I realized that my world did not come crashing down as a result of leaving a few dishes in the sink. I am the CEO of my own household, so the only person that is going to hold me accountable for the outcome of my day is me (I was 100% satisfied with this day’s outcome). I would rather teach my children to find the fun and laughter in every situation possible, then to instill in them the need to strive for perceived perfection, especially at the cost of their own happiness. 

Letting loose on the kitchen floor changed my life.

Okay, that may be a bit of an extreme statement. BUT, if you’re an OCD stress case, like me, I highly recommend you try it. Boogie on down to stress free town!

It’s also quite possible that many of you already employ this strategy and I’m just extremely late to the party. I’m just glad I made it there eventually. 

PediaQ to the Rescue: FREE On-Demand Nurse Triage {+ $50 Target Giveaway}

The post has been sponsored by PediaQ powered by Q.Care on demand to introduce families to their new app service.  All opinion are 100% our own.

My most desperate, frantic moments as a mother have been when my baby is clearly sick and the pediatrician’s office is closed.  My son’s second year of life has been quite the adventure as my little guy has been hit with RSV, strep throat, and a wicked case of hand/food/mouth.

sick-kid-collin-county-moms-blogIt can be difficult to know which symptoms to ignore and which are serious.  The discernment of when to pack up the car for a dreaded trip to urgent care or dole out medicine and wait it out at home can leave me in a tailspin.  While it’s more than comforting to sit in my pediatrician’s office and list my concerns to the doctor, on nights and weekends this simply isn’t an option. 

A few months ago, my son developed a sinus infection on a Saturday that resulted in a fever and a completely inconsolable child.  This worried mama took to google (you’re all doing that too, right?) and discovered an app called PediaQ that literally saved the day! Available on Android or iPhone, PediaQ powered by Q.Care has this amazing feature called on-demand nurse triage. 

Within moments of downloading the app, I was able to speak with a knowledgeable, patient pediatric nurse in my area.  She listened intently to my son’s list of symptoms, asked specific questions about his condition, and then gave clear helpful advice for his care moving forward.  She calmed my fears, answered every question I could think of, and explained that an in home visit could be arranged if we did not see improvements later that day. 

pediaq-app-imageIt’s difficult to even choose what the most amazing part of this experience was.  Not leaving my living room?  Pretty great.  My toddler getting to stay in his pajamas sleeping in my arms?  Fantastic.  Not waiting even five minutes to be seen?  Unheard of.  But how about the fact that the on-demand nurse triage phone call was completely free to me?  Amazing! 

Yes, you read that correctly.  FREE.  And if your child does need to see a doctor PediaQ’s house call service is an in-network service with insurance providers BlueCross-BlueShield, Unitedhealth, Aetna, and Cigna.  During my triage phone call I was able to get a quick, reliable estimate of what a house call service would cost me, and it was less than the sticker shock prices I’ve experienced at the local ER or urgent cares. 

The free on-demand nurse triage phone service is available from 2pm-10pm on weekdays and 8am-10pm on weekends.  I now have complete peace of mind, knowing that I can open my PediaQ app the next time my son is sick and receive a free, convenient answer to my questions and concerns. 

To learn more about PediaQ, visit their website or follow them on social media. Then download the free app on Android or iPhone to request a phone consultation with a Pediatric Specialist! 

Facebook :: Twitter

As a thank you for learning more about PediaQ, they’re giving away 1 $50 Target Gift Card to a lucky Collin County Moms Blog reader. This giveaway will end Monday, November 28th. A winner will need to claim their prize within 48 hours. Questions? Email [email protected] 

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10 Travel Tips & Tricks


Recently, we packed up the two kids – aged four and six months – and headed to Chicago for my aunt’s wedding. If I didn’t love my aunt so much, we would not have even attempted to make this trip! As the season of crazy holiday travel approaches, I am sharing with you a few tips and tricks I’ve learned (and wish I thought of!) to attempt to make your trip just a little bit easier and a little less stressful.

  1. Start your list and pack early.
    As you will likely hear me preach about in posts to come, my bullet journal helps me get my life in check for just about any situation. I began my packing list about a week before we left Dallas. I follow a “traveling with baby” checklist that I’ve been using since Gloria (now four years old) was an infant. I keep it in my phone, and also my bullet journal, and refer to it for every trip we make. As for myself, I planned out every outfit and accessory I would need for each day. This strategy was an upgrade from my previous one – pouring a glass of wine the night before and shoving anything I might think I would need or want to wear into a bag.

    My packing list
  2. Pack snacks the night before.
    Really, do anything you can the night before. I packed our lunches, snacks and filled water bottles. I also had my purse, diaper bag and cross body ready to go.
  3. Make sure all of the bags fit into your vehicle.
    I was so proud of myself for having everything packed a couple of days early, but forgot that my husband also required a few things to survive the weekend. Oops. We don’t have an SUV or minivan, and with a back seat full of car seats, not much space either. So as a result of us packing the car the night before, I ended up having to severely trim down on items and repack our bags. Did I mention this was at 11 pm the night before?
  4. Get gel nails and a blowout.
    I am as low maintenance as they come, but taking the afternoon before my trip to take care of myself saved me so much time during the hustle-bustle weekend. I got gel nails (for the first time!) and hair cut and blown out. I brought my curling iron to touch up my hair the day of the wedding. You think this left the suitcase? No.
  5. Wear a small cross body bag.
    Keep your phone, ID and credit card, boarding passes on hand. This will avoid you having to dig through your purse or diaper bag a million times.
  6. Get to the airport early.
    We try to get to the airport an hour before boarding to make sure we have time for coffee, a quick breastfeed and a few minutes to chill.
  7. Treat yourself to something, anything.
    Starbucks, a glass of wine, the National Enquirer. Anything to make you feel like a human and not a toddler-toting zombie.
  8. Empower your child to be a helper.
    Gloria helped pack her backpack with toys, snacks and water. She carried her own backpack (some of the time) and had easy access to her things when she wanted them.
  9. Be the last to de-plane.
    Before I had kids, I’d see those people who would wait for everyone else to leave the plane and think “What is wrong with you? I have places to go, people to see, NOW!” Now I get it. Now that we’re a family of four, if we want to sit together, we’re likely in the last few rows of the plane. So this is not a big deal anyway. But it gives us a moment to gather our stuff, strap on the baby carrier, and not feel rushed or judged.
  10. Accept the chaos and find small moments to savor.
    All we wanted to do was get home!
    All we wanted to do was get home!

    We arrived back at DFW on a Sunday night (a school night!) after both kids’ bedtimes. They were cranky and hungry. Heck, I was cranky and hungry. The car seats didn’t want to cooperate. I took a deep breath, Gloria dug out her tiara and wand, we turned on some music and danced in the parking garage. It was a sweet moment. It didn’t last long, but I remember thinking how lucky we are to have this precious time together.



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