3 Tips for Simple Home Organization

What do you think when you hear the term “home organization?” Homes like you see on magazine covers? Mari Kondo-style folded shirts? Maybe it’s just “a place for everything, and everything in its place”?

I fall into the latter category, though I do fold my tops like Mari Kondo. I enjoy being organized, but I admit it took me a while to figure out what works best for me. Through hiccups, I finally have a good home organization system down, and thought I’d share some tips and tricks I’ve learned to keep the house organized without getting overwhelmed.

Quick, Non-Overwhelming Home Organization Tips

  1. Do what works for you, NOT what works for others. This could mean spending a week observing how you actually use a space before setting out to organize it and making a list of needs. This could include a basket for throw blankets in the living room, a designated shelf for shoes by the front door, or a key rack in the kitchen. My observations led me to realize I needed to sort the mail as soon as it came in, that I needed to sort my sports bras into a small cloth box in the drawer with my athletic apparel, and that I really needed to move flours and sugars into clear, wide-mouth containers for ease of access for baking. 
  2. If you don’t need it or use it, let it go. But realize you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It’s a lot easier to organize when you truly have a use for everything, even if it’s once a year or so. I’m not saying to get rid of everything, or anything, but if you have some things you need to let go, do it! Maybe for you it’s the sheets you bought and though you’d love and actually hated. Or the jeans that fit funny. For me, this meant seriously culling my clothes and books down to what I know I wear and love, and what I know I’ll read. I had books in my shelves that had gone untouched since 2007. Now, I can see all the books I own, and have room for more! 
  3. It’s not all or nothing. I promise. You don’t have to get organized all at once. Or all at any time. If you have one area you want to organize, do that! Start small: with one drawer, or the area that you pass by every day and wish was different. Branch out slowly. In my home organization journey, I’ve tackled what I have time for. For you, that may be your whole master closet or it may be one drawer. You don’t have to do it all in one day, week, or even month. Small steps lead to big changes.

As I work through my late winter cleaning and try to get reorganized for life with a four-year-old, keeping these three things for simple home organization in mind making cleaning, organizing, and getting things together much easier, quicker, and, well, even a little fun. I promise you, it may not be perfect (what home is?), but it’s yours! 


Pre-Baby Blues: Dealing with Gender Disappointment


There are a few surprises one can expect out of life. Basically from the moment you get engaged, to getting married, to learning you are pregnant, big life changes often come as surprises. 

However, in our situation—going through IVF for our babies—most surprises went out of the window once modern medicine intervened. 

Though science was telling us everything happening with my body, there was one surprise left when it came to baby #2…the sex. We did not have our embryos genetically tested, so with each transfer we knew there was still a little suspense left in this journey. 

I share all of this because of what happened to me after I had my 13-week blood test, which among genetic abnormalities, also reveals the baby’s sex. I have to say that while they were telling me how healthy our baby looked and that the tests came back normal (which truly is all that matters), the thought going through my mind was, “Ok ok ok, that’s great but tell me WHAT AM I HAVING?!!”. 

Reality Strikes—Gender Disappointment Hits

Now leading up to this three-minute phone call, I knew in my heart that I was having a boy. How did I know? Well, let’s look at the facts. I already have one son and also a twin brother who has all girls, so my chances of life giving us all boys seemed pretty high. I also knew deep down, even if I don’t want to admit it, that the world could only handle one of me, so if I was to have more children they would more than likely be boys. 

Knowing all of this, though, I still had a 1% hope that by some miracle we would have a little girl. My pregnancy has been way different this time than with my son and all of the old wives’ tales pointed to the possibility that this could be a girl. However, I didn’t even entertain the thought that it could be a girl and even refused to talk about girl names with my husband. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t secretly dream of the girl moments I couldn’t wait to experience one day.  

So while hanging on every word the nurse was sharing with me when she told me the gender of our baby, I was almost emotionless. I was dropping my son off at school and when she shared the sex, I reacted in a way as if someone told you they found a great deal on a pair of jeans. “Oh, that’s great…” with somewhat fake excitement. 

We are having another boy.

After calling my husband and hearing his uncontrollable joy, I started to let my true thoughts take over and went down the terrible path of the “what could have been” moments: 

I will never get to go wedding dress shopping with my daughter or help her pick out a homecoming dress. I had secret plans for fun mother/daughter getaways, but what happens to those now? Will my life be dirt, sports, and burping now? I have such a special bond with my mother; will I have that with my sons? 

Am I A Bad Mom-To-Be?

I let my mind wander down this path for a good hour, but Googling the “benefits of being a boy mom” and reading articles from other boy moms helped lift my spirits. All of that, though, could not fill this void I was unprepared to deal with by not having a little girl. 

I jumped straight into work mode to take my mind off everything. I was in a fog and a true place of sadness for a good few days. It wasn’t until I went out for lunch several days later that it hit me smack in the face. There in front of me in line at Jersey Mike’s was a mom my age with two sweet boys. It was as if life was showing me this is the path I am supposed to be on.  

It was so surreal seeing my future right there in the deli line during a time I was doubting every second of it, but after ordering my sandwich, and watching this awesome boy mom with her sons, I now know that this is going to be an amazing journey with my boys. 

Coming Out on the Other Side of Gender Disappointment

So what have I learned going from gener disappointment to acceptance, and now excitement?

  1. While I still wish for the mother/daughter activities and events, other amazing moments will be, and I have to be open and ready for them. 
  2. It’s ok to be sad and doubt when you find out what you are having. It doesn’t make you a bad mom to be. Through it I found—and I know you will, too—that there is a purpose and reason you are having a boy or a girl. Don’t let the “what if” moments take away from the “what will be” ones. 
  3. Try not to fixate on the things out of my control. While going through fertility treatments was a very controlled environment, through this process I have learned the tough life lesson to let go of things that are truly out of my hands, such as picking the sex of my baby. 

How am I now? Content. I am sure I will still have those moments of “If only I had a girl,” but I happy to say I have embraced my role in raising future gentlemen.

Postpartum Fitness: Not a Myth


Postpartum body “bounce back” is a lie. Postpartum fitness is a journey you should take at your own pace. At least it is for the average mom. Unless you have a nanny, personal chef, housekeeper, and personal trainer…there’s no “bouncing back” within the first year. Especially for a first-time mom.

As someone who worked out regularly prior to having a baby (but let’s be real here, I never had abs), getting back into a routine of health and fitness after having a baby was HARD.

First-time (& All) Motherhood is Hard

As a first-time mom, in the early days of motherhood, I was just trying to figure out how to care for my new tiny human. I’ll admit, that initial weight loss that happened after delivery was awesome. For me, it was true that breastfeeding burned major calories. The hunger was real. I loved the “excuse” of eating more calories to keep up production.

However, it’s definitely not a sustainable plan. My life was consumed by feedings, naps, playtime, and all the other mom stuff in between. Postpartum fitness was the last thing on my mind.

Once I got into the swing of things, I tried to work out at home during my son’s naps. Some days I got a workout in. Other days, he’d inevitably wake up as soon as I was starting my workout. It was very hit or miss.

Finding a Postpartum Fitness Routine

My son had just turned one and I knew that I needed to find something that I could stick with. I finally felt ready to get back into a postpartum fitness workout routine. With my son more and more on the move, I knew that I would have to keep up with him. I needed to increase my energy and strength.

That’s why I’m so thankful I found Burn Bootcamp McKinney. Back in July 2019, they had their grand opening and offered a free 30 day-trial. I thought that I would give it a shot; I had no expectations to like it. In fact, I told myself that if I hated it, I could just stop.

But I didn’t. In fact, by December 2019, I had completed 100 camps and I’m on track to complete 250 camps by my one-year Burn Bootcamp anniversary.

Burn Bootcamp McKinney members with trainer

So what made the difference for me? It’s the amazing community of women, nutrition support, the free childcare (this is SUCH A GAME CHANGER!), and the personal training in a group setting was everything I didn’t know I needed.

There are definitely days when I want to quit. When the trainer calls for burpees, I sigh in annoyance. When we have to hold a wall sit, my legs shake at just the thought of it.

But there is just something different about this place that lit a fire within me. Part of the membership includes “Focus Meetings,” where you meet with a trainer to discuss your goals, track measurements, and decide your “why.” Your “why” is the reason you go back when you feel like giving up. For me, my “why” is definitely my son and the hope to give him a sibling.

Give Yourself Postpartum Grace

Becoming a mom is hard. It’s probably the most challenging, yet most rewarding, thing I’ve ever done. And society’s expectation that moms will lose the baby weight right away is both unrealistic and unfair. It causes unnecessary stress and striving when we’ve already got a full plate.

So if you’re in that place in postpartum life, wishing you could fit into your pre-baby jeans, give yourself some grace. You grew and birthed a tiny human. Start when you’re ready. Go slow. Take it at your own pace. There is no deadline to fit into your jeans again. Postpartum fitness is ready when you are.

I never thought I would look forward to going to camp every day or feel bummed if I was going to miss a day. I literally said, “WHO AM I??” I’m so thankful for the transformation.

Mom life is hard. Running a business is hard. Getting back in shape is hard. I’m thankful for all the hard things in my life. They make you stronger.

Burn Bootcamp McKinney 100 camps

Here’s to the next 100 camps and beyond!

(This post is not sponsored by Burn Bootcamp McKinney. I just love the impact it’s had on my life and wanted to share.)

To My Husband: Thank You for Loving Me through Depression

My dear husband,

When we got married, you didn’t know I had depression. I didn’t know I had depression. We wouldn’t know I had depression until I became pregnant with our first child. Then everything changed in more ways than one.

wedding photo with husband and wife
The day we got married

You and I always wanted children together. It was something we talked about for years and looked forward to. So when I got that positive pregnancy test while both of us were still in grad school, we were elated. Everything seemed like it was going perfectly.

Then when the second trimester hit, I started feeling awful all the time. I had morning sickness in the first trimester, but this was different. I cried a lot, and felt extreme dread at the thought of going anywhere. I was consumed by darkness and couldn’t see past it no matter how hard I tried. I felt hopeless. I felt defeated.

This was not the girl you married.

One day I noticed you kneeling in prayer on my behalf, and I realized what I had been going through wasn’t just affecting me. It was affecting you, too. I wasn’t able to be a true partner to you. I was not well. I felt a lot of shame for putting you through this.

But you only thought of me. You did everything you could to help me weather this storm. You were a constant, steady source of support during this time.

Thanks to your encouragement, I got help from my doctor. That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do: to admit that I was not okay. But you were right by my side, holding my hand as I took that first step.

I started to feel better and more like myself again over time. My pregnancy went relatively smoothly after that and we were able to happily bring home a healthy baby. Life was good.

mom with newborn experiencing perinatal depression and postpartum depression
My husband and I after our first baby was born.

In the years since then, there have been ups and downs. Depression would return during our next two pregnancies as well as postpartum. Medications needed adjusting. I started therapy. Anxiety steadily increased with each passing year until I was diagnosed with that, as well. A lot has changed, but your unwavering support has not.

Even now that we are done having children, depression and anxiety continue to be a part of my story. A part of our story. It is likely that this will be something I always struggle with. You didn’t sign up for the stress of a spouse with mental illness. But you have loved me through the worst. And for that I feel so incredibly lucky.

The promises we made to each other on our wedding day mean more now than they did back then, because I have a better understanding of their significance. After all we’ve been through, you’ve showed me what love really means.

I can’t fully understand the strength it takes to be the emotional rock in our marriage, but I can say thank you.

Thank you for loving me through depression. Thank you…for loving ME.

married couple kissing
Photo courtesy of Jess Graefe

Next Steps for the SAHM

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” —Chinese Proverb

I went to a mom’s event awhile back and all the prizes at the giveaway table had nothing to do with me. True, they were all things for mothers, but these were items for mothers who were in the sleep-deprived, explosive-blowout-diaper trenches. The mothers in the midst of their babies’ sleep regression, the mothers of teething littles, the mothers whose babies are so far from even one ounce of independence, the thought of primary school hasn’t even crossed their minds yet!

But then there was us, a group of “tenured” mothers who all had kids nearing or in elementary school. Our babies are now kids, out of our care from the hours of 7:45am to almost 3pm every day. They’re spreading their wings and figuring out how to navigate through the structured setting of school, a place designed to uncover their interests, hobbies, strengths, challenges, and relationships.

While all this is wonderful and we’d have it no other way, I have been amazed by how many stay-at-home mothers are trying to figure out and navigate their own futures, independent of their children. In a matter of a few short years, we receive this chunk of the day where our somewhat tidy house is empty, the laundry is done, fridge is stocked, and we are now pondering purpose and next steps.

In talking with local moms, I’ve stumbled upon this common ground:

We tend to doubt our greatness.

We downplay the person we were before kids.

I wish women could stop doing this. Your SAHM gap doesn’t have to be a barrier.

We make time for the things we want to and your career “gap”, it is my strong belief that you were doing the most important work. That job you left or couldn’t pour into at the time will always be there to get back to. The time will not.

As the Fall semester slowly churns into Spring, the time continues to pass. Use it wisely! Below are a few things some moms in Collin County are thinking about as next steps for the SAHM.

Ideas on Next Steps for the SAHM

  • Go back to school. Options exist for mothers who stay at home and mothers who work.
  • Start your own company.
  • Get your realtor’s license.
  • Write.
  • Work at Calloway’s because you’re a plant lady and it brings you joy.
  • Sub.
  • Teach.
  • Volunteer.
  • Seek out opportunities that make you feel a tug, especially ones that evoke a bit of vulnerability.

Find something that brings you joy and see if there’s a way you can invest in yourself and produce a side hustle at the same time. In the group fitness and yoga world, this is a huge arena. Hundreds of classes, trainings, and crafts exist.

Do you have continuing education goals or work goals in a field you’ve studied before or in a completely new arena? What do you believe are feasible next steps for the SAHM?

12 Ways To Be Healthy In 2020

Natalie Meditation PicThere’s nothing like starting the New Year with a clean slate, and if you’re anything like me, then finding new ways to be healthier is on your resolution list. So today, I’m rounding up 12 ways to be healthy in 2020.

Instead of stressing about the right resolutions to make (because let’s be honest, we tend to lose momentum after a few months), pick something small. Small steps lead to big changes. Maybe think about one way you’d like to incorporate something healthy into your routine, such as waking up 30 minutes earlier before the kids do each morning, or incorporating an extra serving of greens into your meals each day. Whatever it is, think small so you can slowly grow and add to them. Who knows, by the end of the year, you may go from one way to be healthier in 2020 to all 12 ways to be healthy in 2020.

12 Ways To Be Healthy In 2020

Baked veggie Omelet Muffins

  1. Meal plan at least one meal per week. Start small with either breakfast or lunch. You could start with these Vegan Zucchini Chocolate Chip Waffles or these Baked Veggie Omelet Muffins are great for the whole family and can be enjoyed the next day for breakfast or lunch as well.Natalie Kitchen Cleaning Products
  2. Swap Household Cleaning Products for Natural, Non-toxic Ones. With all the hidden toxic ingredients in our everyday products, do your health a favor and swap to cleaner cleaning products. Believe it or not, there are some great ones that REALLY work. One of my absolute favorite cleaning products is Branch Basics because you can literally use this to clean your ENTIRE house. I’m talking laundry, hand and dish soap, counters, bathroom, mirrors, etc…It’s your one-stop-shop. Another favorite for laundry is Buckaroo Soapberry Suds. It really feels and looks clean. Soapberries which is the fruit of a plant that is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and biodegradable that leaves your clothes soft and clean. It’s made with pure, clean ingredients and doesn’t dry out your hands. Natalie Bathroom with No-Toxic Beauty Products
  3. Swap Skincare and Beauty Products for Non-Toxic Ones. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so anything you apply to it seeps into your skin and through your bloodstream. I have tried SO many non-toxic skincare and beauty products and there are some amazing ones out there that perform and some other not-so-great ones. Crunchi is hands down one of my favorite brands. They are known for their primer, concealer, and brow pomade. The only products I don’t care for is the Crunchi mascara. Fitglow is another brand that can do no wrong. Fitglow has both skincare and makeup products that are truly perfect. Their eye shadow palettes, Sunny Day’s Blush/Bronzer palette, concealer (my personal favorite), and mascara are out of this world.  Agent Nateur Youth Serum is botox and youth in a bottle. Worth every penny and is made with Hyaluronic Acid which is formulated to retain 1,000 times its weight in water. That means plumping the skin to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, firm and tone the skin, stimulating skin cell regeneration, minimizing pigmentation, and reverting age spots.
  4. Wake up 30-60 Minutes Before Your Kids Each Morning. I’m personally trying to do this because I’m tired of rushing out the door and dealing with the morning chaos of getting the kids ready and off to school. I’m making a conscious effort to wake up an hour earlier to have “me time”. That means maybe doing a small workout at home, meditate, read, get breakfast ready. No phone as well—that way I can focus on having time to myself to breathe and start my day.
  5. Go to Bed at The Same Time Each Night. By doing this small and simple step, you are regulating your body and training yourself for a better night’s sleep.Natalie Yoga
  6. Get Moving. Start one day a week then work your way up. Do something you enjoy and not something you hate. Stretch, take yoga, go for a walk, just get your heart rate up. Start once a week for 20 minutes, then work your way up and add another day or two.
  7. Give Social Media a Break. Easier said than done; trust me, I know. But try to set limits on it, such as putting it away after 8:30pm and not looking at it until 9am the next day. Maybe give it up one day each weekend so you can be more present.Natalie Berkey Filter
  8. Drink Cleaner Water. If you think bottled water is clean, think again. There have been several cases where bottled water has tested to be worse than tap water containing higher levels of bacteria. Not to mention, bottled water contains BPA and Phthalates that leach into your water, potentially causing ovarian and prostate cancer, as well as other health issues. Also, when you consume tap water or water not properly filtered, there is concern that you may be intaking industrial and agricultural contaminants that have been linked to cancer, brain, and nervous system damage, developmental defects, fertility problems, and hormone disruption. YIKES! I love my trusty Berkey Filter. I own the Royal Berkey which is perfect for a family of 4. It removes viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites, and extracts chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, and much much more…​Read more about contaminants in your water HERE.Natalie Thrive Market PIc
  9. Grocery Shop Stress-Free and Within Budget. I often get asked how I have kids and manage to get three meals on the table daily that are healthy. I’ll let you in on a few tricks. 1) I meal plan. I have a weekly meal plan and each weekend I write and plan out my breakfast, lunch, and dinners. This helps me stay on budget with ONLY buying the items on my list. 2) I purchase some of my pantry staple organic items HERE. You get everything for wholesale and you can shop by dietary needs. 3) Personal Shopper. All grocery stores have a system where you email them your list and they shop for you. Genius and something Whole Foods does for me each Sunday. Orange Blossom Energy Bites
  10. Stock Up on Healthy Snacks. Don’t let temptation take over. Stock up on healthier snack options. Be sure to read your food labels to ensure it’s not filled with anything funky like natural flavors, dyes, palm oil, etc. I know, we can’t all be perfect and buying a bag of chips never hurt anybody. But just limit how much junk food you do buy. I like to buy rice crackers and top with nut butter, fruit, and honey. You can also make energy bites that are made with healthy ingredients and are actually filling. Click HERE, HERE, and HERE for a few recipes. Natalie Reading with Salt Lamp On
  11. Get a Few Salt Lamps. I love salt lamps because 1) they’re so gorgeous and relaxing to look at and 2) they naturally purify the air. They also have the ability to decrease air pollution and help those suffering from asthma and allergies. It’s also strong enough to reduce mold and fungus. THESE are the ones I own and love because they are made with 100% Himalayan sea salt.
  1. Consider Seeing a Naturopath. This was something I started doing last year and it has made all the difference in my family’s health. They do blood work to determine allergies and sensitivities, and they help get you on the right track to naturally be your best and healthy self. My youngest was allergic to eggs and no doctor was able to tell me that was the reason he was breaking out. Everyone told me it was eczema or a staph infection. I got sick of them slapping a band-aid on the issue and saw a naturopath. Turns out he was allergic to eggs and a few other minor things.

Hope this was a helpful start to your new amazing year. Try implementing small changes in your routine. Whatever makes you happy and healthy you do YOU and always remember that small steps lead to big changes. Cheers to a healthier 2020!

Introverted Extrovert: The Struggle to Connect with Others


The phrase “introverted extrovert” is one that has cropped up in my life a lot. When people first meet me, they think I am the life of the party, that I love social activities and talking and dressing up, and all the stuff that comes with being an extrovert. The truth? It’s a struggle for me to go to a party. It’s a struggle for me to want to put on makeup.

Being with other people is NOT how I get my energy.

Being alone is where I get my energy, like a true introvert. This doesn’t always translate well when it comes to relationships. Since I graduated high school, I can count on one hand the amount of good, lifelong friends that I’ve made. I have no friends from college; partly due to the fact that I transferred from a brick-and-mortar university to an online one halfway through my college career.

I have tried to meet and make mom friends a variety of ways, like reaching out to old friends from elementary school who still live in the area and now have kids of their own, social apps that connect local moms, Facebook groups, church, even random meetings at the park. And can I be honest? That is exhausting for someone who prefers to stay home in her sweatpants.

I’ve met some cool moms through some of the various channels mentioned above and we’ve gotten together for play dates with our kids. But after the first couple of times we get together, I find myself overwhelmed with the idea of reaching out. I am worried that I will get rejected or that too much time has elapsed and they will no longer want to be my friend.

Connection with other moms can be difficult
Found on canva.com

Connection with women is something that I long for.

I long to have a group of mom friends that I can sit and chat about all the things I swore I never would pre-kid. So why is there such a disconnect between wanting friendships and actually having them? I think, for me, the answer is that it takes time and a lot of effort. Those are two things that are difficult to invest in when you do not get energized from being around others.

So I crawl back into the introverted part of myself and accept that I might only ever have the three close friends I’ve had since high school. And I love them and I’m thankful I have them. They get me. These friends understand that sometimes I just want to be alone. They get that sometimes I want to have company just to go to Target. But it’s difficult, because none of them have children at this point. So I start to worry about my son. Is he getting enough enrichment? Is he getting enough interaction with other kids his age? If he doesn’t, how will he act when he goes to kindergarten?

I struggle to find connection with fellow moms. I struggle to maintain relationships once they get started.

The anxiety of it all is exhausting and overwhelming to me. I finally put my son in a preschool one day a week so that I could have more time to work and for him to have weekly interactions with other kids his age. It’s hard to find people who understand what it’s like to want friendship but who don’t always want to get together.

I guess what I’m saying is, as an introverted extrovert, I’m open to applications for friends who just want to stay in and share a glass of wine and talk…but not for too long!

My {Secret} Favorite Thing About Costco

This post has been sponsored by Costco. All opinions are 100% our own.

costco membershipOk, before I get to my favorite thing about Costco I have to tell you about the special promotion they’re doing for us:

New members will receive a $30 Costco Shop Card with a purchase of a new membership and sign up for auto renewal – between January 10-28, 2020, online-only!

Easy money, y’all. I couldn’t go another second with telling you. Click the link above (or at the bottom of the post) to access this online-only promotion!

If you aren’t a Costco member yet, what!? You should consider it. It makes a lot of financial sense, and I’m not even including the $30 you’ll stand to receive when you sign up by January 28 this year.
An Executive Membership also gets you 2% back on your Costco purchases every year! (up to $1,000)

I know everyone who reads here is interested in a good value because our most popular posts consistently have to do with tips and tricks to save a little money. That’s been Costco’s M.O. from the jump. I challenge you to find a better place to stock up on toilet paper, dishwasher pods, and laundry detergent. Or Pirate’s Booty! You cannot find more Pirate’s Booty for less ANYWHERE.

If you already are a Costco member, then you know they’ve got the goods.

Lots of organic options (including meats) and plenty of gluten-free choices. My top gluten-free pick is the Brazi Bites, by the way. They never fail to garner compliments in the check out line. Oh, and Costco has the best price around on Mionetto, my favorite anytime prosecco. It tastes much more expensive that it is, so you can grab a couple bottles to bring to your next Bachelor-watching get-together. Related note: Not all branches have a liquor store attached, but you’ll find great prices in there, as well. Pretty sure that’s where we bought all the alcohol for our wedding.

Ok, and now for my favorite part of Costco.

My best friend told me about it a couple years ago and I’m totally converted.

LUSTRE PRINTS at the Photo Center.

No need to send away to a random company for photo books or go to a pharmacy chain to develop your prints. The Costco Photo Center does it all. My favorite finish for prints is “lustre” but you can also opt for “glossy.” Every Christmas, I use the Costco app to send over all my best phone photos from the year and we get them printed up for the grandparents. Easy peasy, good quality, and a total crowd-pleaser.

It’s things like the Photo Center that put the Costco Membership over the top for me. They also have a Pharmacy, Optical Center, Costco Travel. Plus, they work with service providers for things like the Costco Auto Program, water delivery, dental insurance, truck rentals for moves, and more. My point is, there are major deals to be had here, you just need to take advantage!

Go on a weekday if you can, a weekend if you must (and reward your family with churros from the food court either way).

>>Click here to start your membership today!<<

Already a member? Costco is giving away a limited edition COSTCO TUMBLER January 16-19, 2020 in-store to any EXISTING members who sign up for auto-renewal (which means next year the renewal will go on your credit card). *While supplies last.




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