Mom-Friendly 2-Piece Swimsuits

I love swimming. Have since I was a small kid going to the beach, jumping wave after wave with my grandfather. My ideal summer day involves getting in the water, and I’m lucky enough that my son agrees with me (and that we have access to a pool).

Since I’m in the pool nearly every day of the week, I have amassed a collection of swimsuits. For many reasons, they’re all two-pieces. For one thing, I’m smaller on top than on the bottom and one-piece swimsuits tend not to fit me well unless they’re adjustable. And well, I really don’t like taking off a one-piece suit at the pool to use the restroom. Give me boy shorts any day for that. 

In the early days of motherhood, and even sometimes now, I had and have days where I’m self-conscious in a swimsuit. On those days, I remind myself that the only thing that makes a body swim-season ready is that it exists.

Mom-Friendly 2-Piece Suits for Every Occasion

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite mom-friendly 2-piece swimsuit separates, ranging from the “itty bitty” bikini to tankinis, with options to fit your budget, your swim preferences (do you lounge? Jump in? A little of both?), and your booty. And if you don’t want to go shopping in store or need some one-piece options? Check out this amazing post with mom-friendly swimsuit shopping tips, over at Dallas Moms!

For the days you want coverage up top, but not too much, try something high-neck, like this!

To pair with your favorite string bikini top while keeping your belly safe from burns.

When you want to feel extra sexy, try this top. Or this bottom.

Want a tankini that will take you from lunch to pool? This one is super adorable and totally functional! 

Want full coverage bottoms without reaching for board shorts? Try these boy swim shorts. Cute and functional.

Don’t want to deal with your bikini line? There are board shorts for layering over your suit for that.

These are my current go-to swim shorts. They’re lined so I don’t have to layer under them (but I still do). Bonus? They have pockets.

Going straight from yoga to the pool? Try this blousy tankini top. Nobody will guess it’s a swim tank! It also features a full-support bra layer for when you have to race across the beach or pool deck after a little one!

And my most recent addition, because I realized that no matter how much I reapply sunscreen, I still need just a little more sun protection.

So tell me—one piece or separates, what do you love to wear poolside?