I Got the “Mom Cut” and Never Looked Back

I have had long hair my entire life. Long, long blonde hair. I treasured my Texas blonde-do and could NEVER imagine cutting it.

Until I became a mom.

As we know, things change. I absolutely adored my long hair, often pristine with delicate wavy curls. Pregnancy did WONDERS for my hair. Once my son was born, this turned into a messy unwashed bun, wet braid, greasy ponytail—typically in less than a day and before Caleb’s nap time. Anything to keep it out of my face and AWAY from my toddler’s hands to grab. Ouch.

I held on as long as possible, believe me. But not only was my hair a mess, I just felt.. like a mess. I needed a change and dreaded the thought of going FULL “Mom-Cut” but I desperate for change. I left it to fate of what my new look could be and hoped Caleb would recognize me..

This decision was more difficult than picking the theme of the nursery.

And I am so glad I did.

What I discovered was a whole new life to my hairstyles in motherhood.

Fully chopped!

Let’s go over the perks, shall we?

15 Reasons to Go for the Mom Cut:

  1. Liberating. 
  2. Zero, I mean ZERO tangles.
  3. Style time cut in HALF. Blow dry and BAM—mama is ready to roll.
  4. Compliments everywhere from everyone.
  5. It always grows back.
  6. You instantly have a new “look” for every length.
  7. Less $$ on styling products. 
  8. Sassy mama! 
  9. Short hair draws attention to your beautiful features. 
  10. Hot weather? Don’t sweat it! It’s much more tolerable with short hair.
  11. Short hair is always trendy and fun.
  12. Little hair accessories look even better and are super easy to put in.
  13. No-fuss hair means more time with the kids.
  14. It’s ageless. Short hair looks great on everyone at every age.
  15. It’s refreshing. Fresh start, new look, new you!

I have had my hair short for three years now and I have never looked back. It is a fun look that fits me very well. I wish I would have had the courage to do it sooner because I am SO in love with it. In three years, I have let it grow to just barely touching my shoulders (just to try it), but I ended up cutting it right back as short as possible. I absolutely love my escape to the salon to do so. Every mom needs a well-deserved break and time for herself. Doing something new for YOU is a perfect place to start.

So what’s next for this short-haired mama? I am debating bangs!!

Stay tuned!

P.S. Share your short hair stories with us! When did you chop it? How short the first time? I admit, I played it safe and went from super long hair to the halfway point: to my shoulders. It was a HUGE change but hey, once I got into it I went as short as possible. That’s right, the pixie cut. And you know what? I loved that, too. Try it all and see what works for you!

Sarah Crilley
Sarah Crilley lives in Plano, Texas with her 9-year-old son Caleb, fiancè Nick, adopted french bulldog Daisy. They are introducing the newest member of the family, Rocky Elliott the Hedgehog! (Yes..hedgehog😂) With hands full balancing "working mommy-life" Sarah works full-time managing the team at Real News PR in Dallas. She is a lover of coffee, listening to podcasts, attending community events, social media, and writing! She enjoys connecting and sharing with other moms. Sarah has been a contributor for CCMB since October 2016! She loves blogging and plans to incorporate video into some of her posts.