All About Getting a Pixie Cut

Five years ago, I walked into my hairstylist’s salon and told her to cut it all off. And I mean, all of it. I walked in with shoulder-length hair and walked out with a pixie cut. And I loved it. My hairstylist told me I might hate her for my new hair do the next morning, but I didn’t. In fact, I loved the pixie cut so much that the next time I saw her, I had her cut my hair even shorter.

Since then, I’ve worn my hair short. Super short. I haven’t been able to pull my hair back into a ponytail in five years, and to be honest? I don’t miss it. When I had long hair I lived in ponytails and buns. It’s freeing to know what to do every morning to make my hair look awesome. 

Maybe you’re thinking about getting a pixie cut. Or maybe you’re wondering just what’s involved in having one. Maybe you’ve been wondering if it’s really as easy as it looks, or if you can pull one off. Today, I want to share with you some of the answers I have about my own cut, so if you’re on the fence about super short hair, this is the post for you!

1: It takes less time to style, but I use more products than I did with long hair. I use gel and a pomade to add volume and texture so I don’t look like a member of The Beatles. Sometimes I add a straightening balm so that the baby hairs around my face don’t spring into curls on humid days. A round brush and hair dryer are also a huge part of my arsenal. However, even with all of the product and styling involved, doing my hair takes maybe seven minutes each day. 

2: I don’t feel any less feminine. In fact, I feel more feminine with my pixie cut. I’ll be honest here: I never mastered a curling iron. However, I did master my hair dryer, round brush, and flat iron. With long hair, I never felt like it looked as luxurious as other women’s hair, and always felt like I was battling an uphill battle with frizz. My pixie frames my face perfectly, and I get tons of compliments on it daily. Even in sweats or after a sweaty workout, I feel girly, and dare I say, cute?

3: Unlike when I had long hair, I can’t just roll out of bed and go. It’s very very rare that I wake up with hair that isn’t all over the place. Think Einstein. Seriously. My hair only takes about 8-10 minutes to style, but I have to style it daily. If I want to go out immediately after getting up, it involves a wet comb and gel. My messy bedhead is…well…messy, and not in an “I intended to look this way” manner.

4: It takes the right stylist. My stylist in Ohio helped me make the leap from long hair to Emma Watson-esque pixie. I’d been with her for years, so when I moved, it took two salons to find someone I trusted. The stylist I currently use had a pixie herself, and had just finished growing it when I found her. With the right person, you can get a cut that looks as feminine or as edgy as you want without worrying about walking out with a bowl-cut (unless that’s what you want). Some stylists are hesitant to take clippers to a woman’s hair, and I’ve had the most luck with the ones who are all about using clippers and razors to take my hair from whoah to wow

5: I have to get it trimmed monthly. I currently sport a fade and I love it. Because the sides and back of this style of pixie are so short, I go in for a neck trim two weeks after my full cut, just to keep my tightly cut neckline looking clean. Trims monthly let me change it up or keep everything blended nicely. Also with cuts this often, I can go as creative as I want! I’ve done undercuts, a fade, and even added a design to my neckline! 

6: Anyone (yes, ANYONE) can get a pixie cut. If you want one and think your face isn’t the right shape, work with your stylist to find a cut that works for you. I have friends with round, square, oval, long, and heart-shaped faces all sporting different types of pixies and they all look stunning! Mine started long and got progressively shorter as I adjusted to it, but I promise, if you want a pixie cut, there is one out there that is perfect for you!

So tell me, do you have a pixie cut? What tips do you have?