Summer Butler

Summer was born and raised in the NTX area, went to college in Kansas City, and returned to TX to earn a MA in Counseling. After spending many years managing non profit programs focused on mental health, Summer left her career to be a SAHM after meeting her husband and two bonus boys. From single to stepmom, Dallas to the ‘burbs, career life to PTO prez, having a blended family would later spark a life calling to spread hope and healing. Summer now lives in McKinney TX with her husband, two bonus boys, and son Eli. Traveling, writing, and livin’ life in the crazy fill her days with the most joy.

Cutting Cable: 7 Steps to Streaming TV

Thinking about pulling the plug on cable? We’ve been without for a little over a year and have never looked back. When I first started the process there was research in order. Let me...

Why My Family Loves Broken Bow

Broken Bow...if you haven't been, you've heard about it. If you've heard about it, you're probably wondering what all the hype is about. A short 3.5 hour trip from McKinney, Broken Bow has become...

College Prep During The High School Years

High school can be overwhelming. No, I mean for parents. With an incoming junior, an incoming freshman, and an incoming kinder (God bless), it can be a lot to keep under wraps. Below is...

Public School vs. Private School: The Great Debate

Can we just open a conversation here? This past year has sparked a question: what is best for our family - the public or private school system? I’m ready for full blown backlash and opinions...

Considering a Boob Job? What to Know about Breast Implant Illness

2014 October 2014, smack dab in the middle of some untreated postpartum depression, I had a breast augmentation. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? With my natural ‘insides’ as flat as my mood,...

The Day I Died {To Myself}

As a complete control freak, the thought of letting anything go, including the guards around my heart, gives me instant anxiety. You would never know, well...because, control. That’s complicated. So, for months after my...

Pornography: The Importance Of Talking To Your Kids

{WHO} are the main consumers of pornography? While this might be shocking, among the most frequent consumers of pornography are males between the ages of 12 and 17. I’m sure you’re sitting there, like I...

What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

What's easier than a prefabricated (legit) list of things you want your significant other to know? Not much, honestly! Copy, paste, tag and share away ladies; you're welcome. Attention: Husbands (DH)/Boyfriends (BF)/Significant Others (SO)! Here's...