Sarah Spencer

Sarah was raised in Plano, took a detour in Oklahoma for college, and now lives in McKinney. She's a teacher and mom who believes that 10 three year olds are easier to handle than one. Sarah and her husband, Nathaniel, are foster and adoptive parents and advocates. Big fans of deep conversations, they run a blog that helps parents connect with their kids over entertainment. She likes to try DIY projects that are way over her head and experiment with different teas and chocolates while binge-watching great series. Follow Sarah at Down the Hobbit Hole Blog and follow on Facebook or Instagram for her movie and book guides for parents.

Story Times for Kids in Collin County

Storytelling is weatherproof, not to mention attending an event like this is a great opportunity for socialization and exploration.
weekday school morning routine

7 Tips for Better Mornings on School Days

The less I focus on the morning being perfect, and the more I do things that keep me calm, the better I feel. I know I need to keep and model the calm. I set the tone in the morning.
Dallas library summer reading challenge

5 Ways to Bring Summer Reading into Your Routine

Summer reading programs are everywhere. From libraries to local businesses, you can read books together for prizes.
Two people holding hands.

Dads Redefining Fatherhood by Being a Parenting Team

Learning to communicate about how to help the other person is something we worked on together in counseling and it's been so worth it.
A teenage boy sits on a bench looking at his phone.

5 Things I’m Teaching My Kids About Predators

One of the best pieces of parenting advice I got was to make sure kids always have a safe space to talk.
A paper plate crown.

Purim with Preschoolers :: 3 Easy Activities

Here are three truly easy ways to celebrate Purim with preschoolers.
A boy blows his nose into a tissue.

10 Tips to Help Kids Cope with Seasonal Allergies in North Texas

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Texas takes two of the top 10 slots for worst cities to live in with seasonal allergies.
Painted rocks with sweet, kind notes like "Laugh often" and "Dream big."

25 Random Acts of Kindness Kids Can Do

It's so important to teach kids how to be kind to themselves, to friends, and to people in general because that helps us humanize and care for each other.