Rashida Rasheed

Rashida was born in Pakistan, grew up in California, has lived in Ohio and Washington (Seattle) and in 2016 came to Collin County. She has moved around quiet a bit as her husband Aliasger Rasheed is a community leader / President of the Dawoodi Bohra community of Collin County. As such, she is quite involved and leads women and moms groups in the DB Community. Professionally she has studied Education and has taught for many years. With kids and life, Rashida made a career change some time back and is now a Director of Communications and also takes care of Operations in her family company Exordium Networks– providing IT Services to Senior Living Communities. Rashida is a passionate mother that has seen, experienced and enjoyed the craziness that is a home of 4 wonderful daughters - age range 7 – 17 years. You can follow Rashida on Instagram @rashidar53
downtown mckinney mural

Looking to Combine Fun with a Hint of History in Downtown McKinney?

Looking for something fun to do with a hint of history/learning in McKinney? While McKinney is my home away from home and the place I spend a majority of my time, I realized did...