Natalie Cardozo

Natalie Cardozo
Natalie is a California girl living in a Texas world who's developed quite eclectic personal tastes. Her lifelong interest in health and wellness meets its equal in her Texas-sized love for fashion, beauty, and travel. Her passion for clean eating began in 2011 when her husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and she began her research into the ways in which the food we eat and the products we use affect our overall health. She's the author of Precious Time, a health and lifestyle blog to help others on their journey to clean living and to share her own personal best practices.
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Are There Toxic Chemicals in Feminine Products?

Are there toxic chemicals in feminine products? I'm here to share the information I've learned about what you're putting inside your body and can recommend some amazing cleaner options for green feminine products. Tampons, pads,...
Sustainable Gift Guide Homepage

The Gift of Green: A Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us and I've got the perfect Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide. In here, you'll find a little something for that green and clean person in your life. I even got you...

14 Popular Mocktails & Cocktails for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Sharing 14 Popular Cocktails for Thanksgiving and Christmas to help you find the perfect drink for your upcoming holiday gathering. Whether you’re looking for a pitcher-style drink like a festive sangria, a healthier cocktail, or...
Fredericksburg Travel Guide

Time to “Wine” Down :: Fredericksburg Travel Guide

Need a small weekend getaway without the kids? Fredericksburg is a fun place to visit. This Fredericksburg Travel Guide has some great wineries to visit, places to eat, and tips on how to do...
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7 Ways to Lead a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Living a more eco-conscious lifestyle doesn’t have to be daunting or difficult. Here are 7 ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle that’s simple to make.  We only have one planet and it’s important to...

6 Immunity-Boosting Foods to Keep You Healthy

Cooler temps are just around the corner and with COVID still lingering around, now’s the best time to start supporting your immune system. So, what are some good tips and tricks to keeping healthy...

7 Tips For a Healthy School Year

By the time school begins, we will have spent about FIVE months at home. But did you know that being at home, not being exposed to adults, kids, or germs in general is suppressing...
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Easier Bedtimes: How to Get Your Kids to Stay Put After Lights Out

Bedtime, the thing we as parents look forward to each night, but can often be a battle with our kids. After being at a loss of what to do with our boys having good...