Nadia Sherwin

Nadia was born and raised in Collin County and currently lives in Wylie. She is a former Kindergarten teacher, but is staying at home for the first time this year with her own little students: 2 year old TWINS and 5 month old TRIPLETS. Yes, you read that right, 5 children under 3 years old! Though her hands are very (literally) full, Nadia wouldn't have it any other way. Nadia always makes time to snap pictures of her littles, have friends over for parties, and go on adventures with her family. You can often find her falling asleep sitting up, nursing/pumping for the triplets, binge watching terrible TV shows in the wee hours of the morning, or surfing Pinterest for meals she'll never cook and crafts she'll never make. Nadia's new-found love is exercising and taking steps day-by-day to become the best version of herself. You can follow our family's shenanigans on Facebook or our blog, Sherwin Full House. "

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