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20 Summer Photo Prompts to Capture Your Best Summer Yet

Summer is already half over and if you’re anything like me, you may have recently looked through your camera roll to see well, hardly anything to show for it. I get it. It takes a...

4 Ways to Celebrate Black History With Kids All Month Long

Black History Month is a call for all of us to recognize, celebrate, and learn more about the history and accomplishments of African Americans. Intentionally doing this helps counteract the ways in which contributions,...

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Motherhood changes nearly everything in our lives, and that includes sex. It is common for couples to come across barriers to maintaining a rocking sex life as their families expand and grow. But mama,...

Tips on Staying Active While Quarantined

I don’t know about you, but it feels like Groundhog Day over here…anyone else? It is a constant mix of emotions, mix of information, and the feeling of uneasiness with not knowing how everything...

My New Ally In Raising Confident and Independent Girls

Even before COVID-19, my life was busy. I have two young daughters and between working, cooking, cleaning, and family time, I was left with very little free time. Then, COVID-19 arrived in Texas and...

A Sick Day for the Stay-At-Home-Mom

There is a really sweet children’s book titled A Sick Day for Amos McGee. Amos McGee is a zookeeper. One day, Amos is sick and can’t make it to work, so the zoo animals...

Snipped, But Still Equipped :: When It’s Time for a Vasectomy

When you meet the father of your unborn children, nowhere in your headspace is the thought, “One day, I will need you to be sterile.” Yet, here we are. We asked our Collin County...

My Breastfeeding Journey as a Mom of Three

This is a breastfeeding post for National Breastfeeding Week—but it’s not one where I’ll be offering sage advice on how to be a super pumper and donate 1,270 ounces to milk banks because I've...