Erin Meltzer

Erin Meltzer
Erin is married to her high school sweetheart and is currently in the chaos of raising two beautiful girls. She has a passion for coffee and photography. Currently, she is in the process of renovating her new farmhouse and also daydreaming about what fun animals will reside there too. For updates and more check out her Instagram @coffeemamabear.
you pick farms near me

8 Day Trips to Berry-Picking Farms Near Collin County

Disclaimer :: This article contains sponsored content provided by Sunset Trail Farms to share information on berry-picking season.  It's berry-picking, outdoor-eating, sun-shining-bright season in the state of Texas; the perfect time of year for day...
Halloween Lollipops

Pumpkin Party: Fun At-Home Halloween Alternative

I remember, as a kid, the one year my parents had me stay home from trick-or-treating. I was so bummed, but I kept my Cleopatra costume on and handed out candy all night! Nothing...
Making Coffee at Home

How to Make Great Coffee at Home

National Coffee Day is today! A great cup of coffee can bring some joy to the day...and most of us don't have the money for a Slayer or La Marzocco espresso machine, but we...
Letter and Envelopes

Writing Letters of Encouragement

We all need love. Right now, it feels like there is a chasm that we can't bridge between each other. There is a need to be safe and make smart decisions, but we've had...
Affogato Ice Cream Dessert

2020 Needs National Ice Cream Day!

Add a bit of sweetness to your summer by participating in National Ice Cream Day, happening on July 19! I will do my part and show up for this party. I'm also going to...

Easy Ways You Can Reduce Stress While at Home

There is a certain type of chaos that ensues when everyone in the household is at home. The kids need me, my husband needs me, the dog needs me, and the house...the messes speak...
Kinetic Sand

5 Sensory Bins to Keep Kids Happy

Come on over, parent troop, we're going to battle boredom, together! Imagine that I have donuts for everyone and there is an endless supply of coffee available in the kitchen. Let's get to the...
Homemade Valentine

Inexpensive Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Kids

They'll forget the gifts and the color of the wrapping paper, but they won't forget how you made them feel on Valentine's Day! It's all about the love—your love, their love, lovey-dovey hearts on...