Diamond Rodrigue

Diamond Rodrigue is a work-from-home mama of one. A journalist and editor by trade, she spends her work hours reporting on local music and culture and her free time –– ha! what's that? She resides in Denton with her husband, Daniel, and red-headed toddler, Harrison. When she became a mama in July 2018, Diamond's world changed forever, and she thanks motherhood for the kinder, stronger person she is today.

Thoughts on Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Babyhood

I said "goodbye" to my son's babyhood last month, once he had turned two. And it was a lot to take in. He learned how to eat with his own fork and spoon, how to...

A Mom’s Guide to Taking a Break From Alcohol

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A Note to (Very) Anxious Moms, From Someone Who Gets It

“This isn’t real. Stop,” I think to myself, seemingly a million times a night, trying to control my breath while lying in bed. “He’s upstairs, safe, and in his crib, not under the pounding...

Share the Love: Moms Deserve the Care They Give Their Children

It’s nearing bedtime for my son as I draw his bath, checking the temperature carefully to make sure it’s just warm enough to ease him into that sleepy feeling, but not too hot for...