Chantal Boeckman

Chantal Boeckman
Chantal and her husband Eric have lived in Plano for 13 years, and in the DFW area since 2002. Their 11-year-old son Jack is his mom's partner in crime in exploring new places from restaurants to museums, parks, plays and festivals to libraries and churches. She has a 20+ year career working at global companies to help inspire and earn the trust of employees, customers and stakeholders through corporate communications and public relations. Chantal is passionate about the power of communication and its role in creating culture, confidence and connection, and is committed to helping people see themselves as leaders who can make a difference in other people's lives. You can connect with Chantal on Instagram
Spinach and egg salad on a plate.

Start with Your Heart Health :: A Wellness Check-In for Moms

No need to exercise like an Olympian. We mainly need to keep our bodies active, even in short bursts, so our heart gets revved up to a healthy pace throughout the day.
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4 Ways to Influence Your Child’s Elementary School Years

In elementary school, kids are moving out of the preschool stage of necessary self-centeredness to being more aware of other people and seeking attention and acceptance.
Soccer World Cup starts in November

A Mom’s Guide to the World Cup

Disclaimer :: This article contains affiliate links. Collin County Moms may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. Thanks for supporting Collin County Moms!  I’ve always loved football. Junior high, high...
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Parent Education Resources to Level Up Your Parenting Game

How is it that the job of being a parent is one that formal education systems do not prepare us for? When I walked out of the hospital with my newborn baby boy 12 years...
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Documentary Review: “Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story”

Oh sweet, sweet Matthew McConaughey. The selection of the beloved Texas native to narrate Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story was spot on for the first wildlife documentary solely focused on our great...
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Teaching Belonging & Inclusivity to Kids

The journey toward understanding belonging and inclusivity is different for everyone. We all come from different places and different walks of life, and we all have different perspectives. Here's the story of my journey...
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7 Tips to Enjoy Grandscape’s Free Concerts All Summer Long

One of the best things about summer is free concerts! Living in Collin County, you have no shortage of places to go for free live music, from restaurants and wineries like Taverna Rossa, Truck Yard,...
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5 Ways to Be More Present in Your Kid’s Life

In our family room, our digital frame cycles through baby photos of my 11-year-old son all day, every day, and each time I catch a glimpse, I think, That feels like it was yesterday. With...