Caz Gaddis

Caz coaches moms to create intentional & interaligned lifestyles that both energize their presence as parents and actualize their personal power. Founder of the More Than A Parent video podcast, she invites moms to make space for them to “Be Your More. Live Your And!” from a place of being ‘more’ of and for ourselves, rather than just doing more. Caz is an ICF-Certified Professional Coach specializing in core energy self-leadership; a keynote speaker; creative consultant; and brand storyteller with an M.Comm. She’s the proud wife of filmmaker Les Gaddis, and mom of two-under-two, Skylyn + Quest. When she’s not in a session or on stage, Caz loves charcuterie boards, chilled wine, dancing, and re-discovering her toy obsession alongside her kiddos.
Caz Gaddis Family

More Than A Parent: Work from Home Without Going Crazy

How do you create space to focus on you and what you love while also being a present parent and loving on your family? This question, this challenge, of being a parent and "being your...