Carly Brasseux

Carly Brasseux
Carly lives in North Dallas with her husband of eight years, Will, her son, Mason (4) and toddler girl, Olivia (2). When she isn’t busy getting her spirited kids a yogurt or juice, Carly enjoys spending time like a good ol’ Texas girl hunting or on a laidback patio having a nice glass of Malbec. She is still amazed each and every day how it can be possible to love her kids so much. Her claim to fame is her record book aoudad that she shot after a grueling stalk in the Panhandle. If she isn’t outside playing with her kids, you can spot her at Target stocking up on clothes, diapers, groceries and all the “necessities.” Carly currently runs her own consulting business <a href'"(http://carlybrasseuxconsulting.com)" and has launched her own website for all the huntin’ ladies and the wives of hunters Miss Pursuit.

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